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JoJo Siwa Comes to the Gayest Episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Yet

JoJo Siwa Comes to the Gayest Episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series Yet

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The superstar finally made her HSMTMTS debut!

It's camp prom at High School Musical: the Musical: The Series!

The campers were throwing a 1970's, throwback-themed camp prom, and they were really getting into it. Everyone is dressing up in their best flower power prints and pastel tuxes with giant collars. But costumes aren't the only thing they're going all-out on, as they've also brought in some big guest stars, including one gay superstar and one of our favorite characters from last season!

One of the best storylines this season has been about Ashlyn, who is at camp without her boyfriend, without a speaking role in the play, and without direction. Over the last several episodes, Ashlyn has slowly been coming around to realize that she's queer.

"So, I learned something new about myself last night, and it goes a little deeper than a rising sign," she says. "It is possible that I have a crush on Valerie, the choreographer, and all that that implies. I suppose you could say my dating pool got a little bigger, and so did my heart, and so did my world."

Then, at the dance, Carlos tells her she's glowing and gives her a rainbow pin to officially "welcome her to the community." It's beautiful!

Elsewhere, Jett has been trying to make things right with his sister, especially after he outed her to their parents, so he makes a big gesture. And that gesture is JoJo Siwa! Jett invited Maddie's ex-girlfriend Madison to the camp dance!!!

At first, Maddie is upset and says, "I'm not sure if my ex-girlfriend showing up on the anniversary of the night she dumped me is the right solution." Ouch.

While things aren't perfect between Maddie and Madison, the two clearly have some feelings for each other, even if it's just wanting to rekindle a friendship.

But Mad and Mad aren't the only couple in the episode, we also get a return of our favorite couple on the show, Carlos and Seb! Seb hasn't been in this season at all after he had to stay on the farm instead of going to summer camp, but the two can't stay separated for too long, and Seb surprises Carlos at the dance!

Wow, we missed our farmboy himbo! He and Carlos get to laugh together, dance together, and sing together.

"Why are you dressed like my grandfather?" Carlos asks him.

"Someone said the theme was 70s, so I dressed like I'm in my 70s," Seb confidently answers.

It's a beautiful, colorful dance, full of happy queer teens, and it's wonderful to watch!

At the end of the episode, we also tease another possible romance. When EJ is asking Maddie if she has a crush on any of this year's new campers, she gets distracted by staring at Ashlyn, the very girl she helped come out this summer.

HSMTMTS continues its streak of excellent episodes, with the second half of this season being among the best of the show, even without star Olivia Rodrigo.

There's only one more episode of this season, and it's time for the big performance, but there's still a lot to wrap up with the queer campers as well. The show has been picked up for a fourth season already, and we'd love to see Maddox come back next year so we can see her relationship with Ashlyn grow!

The season finale of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series will stream on Disney+ next Wednesday.

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