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JoJo Siwa Claps Back at Her So You Think You Can Dance Critics

JoJo Siwa Claps Back at Her So You Think You Can Dance Critics

JoJo Siwa on So You Think You Can Dance season 17

So you think she can’t be a judge??

JoJo Siwa had the time today to clap back at her haters.

In April, Siwa was announced as a new judge on So You Think You Can Dance season 17. Despite her young age, Siwa has been working as a dancer and singer for most of her life and has plenty of experience in the entertainment industry. Alas, a few SYTYCD viewers are seemingly not happy about her place on the judging panel.

On Tuesday, May 31, Siwa quote-retweeted a critic who wrote:

"Dammit. I saw the headline 'Judge Leaves #sytycd' and got all excited. Yes! @itsjojosiwa was out! But, nope. It was Matthew Morrison. Dammit! I thought he brought the Broadway perspective to the show. Maybe not an expert on dance, but on showmanship. Still won't watch."

Siwa commented:

"Literally why tweet this?"

In a subsequent tweet, Siwa noted:

"18 Years of Dance Knowledge. 4 Major dance TV shows. I've hired over 1000 dancers. 16 Dance music videos. If you don't like me that's okay... but if you think I don't know about dance ya just sound silly."

Among her numerous achievements, Siwa was a standout star on Dance Moms, created a highly successful YouTube channel, published several books, starred in her own film The J Team, currently has over 11 million followers on Instagram, and was named one of Time Magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in 2020.

There's no denying that Siwa is more than qualified to be a judge on So You Think You Can Dance. Moreover, she also has the potential to attract a brand-new audience of young fans to watch the show, which is great for ratings and social media impressions.

As pointed out by Siwa, it's one thing to dislike her, but it's an entirely different thing to discredit her hard work, long experience, and massive success in the field of dance.

So You Think You Can Dance season 17 airs Wednesdays at 9pm on Fox.

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