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Watch JoJo Siwa’s Perfect Response to Being Told Not to Say She's Gay

jojo siwa concert

Can you say icon? And can you put some glitter on it?

Ever since she came out, JoJo Siwa has been a shining light and a beacon of hope for young LGBTQ+ people, and all people who feel a little different. She’s proudly waved rainbow flags, danced while dressed up as a popular Disney femshlash pairing, and is always quick to tell fans how happy she is now that she’s come out — even before she came out people called her a gay icon.

She showed once again why she’s such a beloved hero at her recent concert in Columbia, South Carolina. At that show, one fan, Briana Spradley, caught video of Siwa reacting to a tweet she had seen from a fan asking her to not talk about being gay at the concert.

“I never know how I want to start this speech, but tonight someone actually gave me inspiration,” Siwa says in the video, shared on TikTok. “And it’s somebody in here, and I saw it on Twitter. This person tweeted, and they said, ‘Hey JoJo I’m coming to you’re show tonight, please don’t say you’re gay.’ So I’m going to take their advice and I’m not gonna say it, instead I’m gonna do something else.”


@brianaspradley7 @itsjojosiwa doing her thing on stage and staying true to herself #fyp #foryoupage #jojosiwa #jojosiwa #concert ♬ original sound - Briana Spradley


That’s when Siwa, wearing a sparkling glitter backwards baseball cap and a red, white, and blue glitter crop top, raised a rainbow Pride flag with her happy smiling face on it and waved it in front of the cheering crowd. Spradley shared two more videos capturing Siwa’s continued speech on the subject.

“Hi my name is JoJo, and I've shared over half of my life with the world. And being gay is a part of who I am,” she says in the second video. “And one thing that I want to teach everybody is that being who you are is the most important thing ever.”


@brianaspradley7 Reply to @brianaspradley7 like for part 3 @itsjojosiwa #foryoupage #fyp #jojosiwa #pride #lgbt ♬ original sound - Briana Spradley


“You know it might be your hair, it might be the color of your skin, it might be who you love,” she continues in the third. “But I want to remind you all, that thing that is different about you is what makes you special. Being gay isn’t weird. This rainbow pride flag represents love, and this rainbow pride flag represents equality, and this represents being yourself.

“Here’s what I want you to take home,” she begins to close. “I want you to wake up tomorrow, and I want you to be a little bit more proud of yourself, and want you to love yourself just a little bit more. And I also want all of you to celebrate others just a little bit more.”


@brianaspradley7 Reply to @_the420witch final part of jojo speech in Columbia sc dream tour @itsjojosiwa #movment #jojosiwa #jojopride ♬ original sound - Briana Spradley


There haven’t been many out gay icons who have fanbases as young and as big as Siwa’s. As long as she keeps on sharing her truth and inspiring others like this, it seems the kids will definitely be alright.

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