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Drag Race Queens Serve Reese Witherspoon Realness on iCarly

Drag Race Queens Serve Reese Witherspoon Realness on iCarly

iCarly episode featuring Kandy Muse, Mo Heart, Scarlet Envy, and Rosé

The category is "America’s Sweetheart" in Out's exclusive new clip from the series.

The Reese Witherspoon cinematic universe just got dragged-up.

RuPaul's Drag Race favorites Kandy Muse, Mo Heart, Rose, and Scarlet Envy will appear in the "iDragged Him" episode of Paramount+'s iCarly season two alongside Harper (Laci Mosley), which airs Friday, May 13. As Harper's "drag queen friends," these four Drag Race legends will reference different looks from Witherspoon's versatile career.

In the scene, Muse, portraying Cruella Intentions, dresses up like the actress in 2014's Wild. Heart, playing Auntie Histamine, references the poster for 2008's Four Christmases. Rose, portraying Kimmy Kimmy Moore, channels Harvard realness from 2001's Legally Blonde. While Envy, playing Lana Del Slay, takes us back to 1999's Election.

Harper reminds the queens that they might miss out on "drag night" if they don't get going, leaving it up to Rose to break the news that the event has been canceled. In fact, the club where this "drag night" was being held has closed and will now be turned into a Baby Gap.

Harper then complains that all of this hard work was for nothing and asks the queens why they made such grand entrances before telling her that the event was canceled. Envy responds, "Why do Trader Joe's employees look at one item in your cart and say, 'Oh, I haven't tried that yet!' It's in our nature."

"You know who wouldn't stand for this? Reese Witherspoon," Harper claps back. "You're going to have that 'drag night,' even if I have to bend and snap somebody's neck."

To find out what happens next, fans will have to tune into episode seven of iCarly season two this Friday, May 13 on Paramount+.

iCarly season two is currently streaming on Paramount+.

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