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Schitt's Creek Just Gave Us the Eccentric Wedding We Deserve

Schitt's Creek wedding

This story contains spoilers from Schitt's Creek's finale of season six.

This moment has been six years in the making — three when you get down to it. Though the show is six years old, and comes to a close tonight, the new milestone in the relationship of one David Rose and one Patrick Brewer, has been only three in the making as the pair only met halfway into the series. Their wedding provided the perfectly emotional and eccentric bow we needed for the show.

Over the years, we've come to know Schitt's Creek as much for its penchant for fashion as much as we have for literally anything else. With something as massive as a wedding, we expected no less than what we got: Alexis Rose in a jawdropping wedding gown as David's escort; Moira Rose in a Mitre and religious gowns as the officiant; and David Rose in a full Thom Browne suit, replete with a kilt, as the groom. This, of course, doesn't even count how the Town Hall has been dressed up for the occasion with more flowers than the town has probably ever seen in one place at one time.

Moira Rose at Patrick and David's wedding.
Alexis and David at Schitt's Creek wedding
Moira Rose at Patrick and David's wedding.

The visuals are only one layer. Moira leads the wedding with her trademark vocal eccentricities, taking us on an audible rollercoaster. This came in addition to the live singing that The Jazzagals serenaded us with an a capella version of Tina Turner's "The Best" — a song that means so much to all of us fans. And then, there's Patrick. When we think that things are about to get their sappiest, Mr. Brewer reminds all of us that he likes to sing. 

Ever the sentimental one, Patrick winks back to an earlier line from the show telling David that he's his Mariah Carey. To drive home the point, he finishes his vows by turning them into a version of Carey's "Always Be My Baby." Yes, those are tears!

"This show has been the love of my life for the past seven years," Dan Levy, who plays David Rose and helped to create Schitt's Creek, wrote in a note on Twitter. "Getting to tell these stories, build these characters, and watch them grow has been a privilege for which I will always be grateful."

And so will we. (P.S. They totally have to give us a Christmas or Honeymoon special now, right? Right?!)

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