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'Schitt's Creek's Entire Team Cried After David's Dance for Patrick

David dancing for Patrick on Schitt's Creek.

The tidbit was revealed in a series of new, beautiful digital covers of 'Entertainment Weekly.'

Schitt's Creek is a comedy, --that's something no one can deny -- but it's also extremely emotional. Though the show brings out the full belly laughter every single episode, it also includes more than few poignant scenes, that can start the waterworks. (I mean Alexis Rose and Ted Mullens at the diner in the finale season, come on!!) But what is unique about the show is that the writers and actors have a knack for combining both of those things into one moment. Such was the case with David Rose's now infamous sexy Tina Turner lip sync.

We all remember the moment: David and Patrick had gotten into a bit of a rough patch when David found out that Patrick's ex had been texting him to get back together. Patrick, notably, had been dodging the texts. But still, Mr. Rose needed some space to process it all.

While he's figuring it all out, Patrick starts sending him gifts to sweeten the deal. Along the way, though David decides he wants to be back together with Patrick, he sits on the decision in order to get a few more presents. When he eventually admits this to Patrick, it's his turn to do some wooing. Enter Tina Turner's "The Best," with a lip sync performance by one David Rose.

"David's not a particularly romantic person," Dan Levy, Schitt's Creek showrunner and David Rose actor, told Entertainment Weekly in a new series of digital cover stories. The covers feature Levy with Noah Reid who plays Patrick. "You're scripting it like, isn't this hysterical? And then you get up to the day and it's like -- I'm not a dancer. I'm not really a performer. The night before I was just learning the lyrics to the song."

Because he's not a performer, Levy and Reid downed a bottle of Prosecco before filming the scene. Then, the pair got to work.

"As an actor, it was the most unsafe I've ever felt, in the sense that I'm going to do something that's so outside of my own personal comfort zone, that level of unabashed lack of consideration for how this is going to appear on film," Levy said. "But you get those moments so rarely. So I was like, ah, screw it. Let's try this." And it worked! Much of what aired came from the first take of Levy's performance. But after, something unexpected happened: the crew was crying.

"I had always pictured that moment to be quite funny," Levy said. "The rest of our team behind the cameras were crying. I thought I had done it wrong." Nope, you did everything right. Everything!

The three digital covers are all inspired by romantic films to celebrate the two-part finale, which will feature Patrick and David's wedding. Sixteen Candles, Casablanca and Notting Hill were the three chosen films.

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