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The Grinch Delivers the Yule Log in Bisexual Whoville Triad On 'SNL'

The Grinch Delivers the Yule Log in Bisexual Whoville Triad On 'SNL'

Once you go Grinch...

The Grinch stuffed more than a few stockings on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. The gruff, green, and loveable character created by Dr. Seuss was portrayed by Pete Davidson taking part in a bisexual threesome with a randy Whoville couple, portrayed by Mikey Day and host Kristen Wiig, who had trouble explaining it all to their innocent Who-children.

"Haven't partied like that in a while," said Wiig as the horny Who-mom, lamenting an excess of Who-punch from the night before.

The little Who-boy and Who-girl thought the new happy and giving Grinch was very cool, but were perplexed when he unexpectedly came down the stairs wearing only tightie-whities and dad's robe.

"It was so late and Mr. Grinch lives way up on that curly mountain so we just thought why not invite him to spend the night here," mom attempted to explain, before remembering the wonder of the night before and dreamily adding "with us."

The children were also confused about the sleeping arrangements, as there were only two bedrooms upstairs. Where did Mr. Grinch sleep?

"It doesn't matter where Mr. Grinch slept," said dad quickly. "What matters is that yesterday his heart grew threw sizes."

"Not the only thing that grew three sizes," said the hot-to-trot mom.

The Who-children were clearly "puzzled over what had occurred, unaware that their parents had brought in a third." The youngsters then revealed they were kept awake all night listening to mom scream "you're a mean one!" while dad screamed "Punish me, my green king!"

Not wanting to explain to the questioning Who-children the dirty details of how he delivered mom and dad's Christmas gift, the Grinch tried to make a quick escape. But the parents were having none of it, imploring the half-naked furry green lover boy to stay for breakfast.

"Well, I am pretty hungry," the Grinch admitted.

"Bet you are," replied dad as the Grinch lovingly pet his head. "You put in a lot of work last night."

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