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Netflix's Elite (and Omander) Has Already Been Renewed for Season 3

omar ayuso aron

Omander, our favorite couple on Netflix’s Spanish teen drama Elite, was looking great on the red carpet for the premiere of the show’s second season. There was Omar Ayuso, who plays Omar on the show, with his chest (and chest hair) out for the world to see. There’s also Aron Piper, who plays Ander, with his buzzcut and layered chain necklaces, paired with a double breasted suit. They, collectively, comprised our favorite two course meal. And now, hours later, the show has been picked up for a season three. A coincidence? I think not.

Granted, we aren’t sure that Omander, which is the “ship’ name that has been ascribed to the pair, will make it to season three, but we can dream. The two gave us all the feels in season one of the show. Season two is out to the public on September 6, and though things have started slightly rocky in the initial episodes we’ve previewed, the passionate kiss on the dance floor we glimpsed in the previews — well, and the glimpses of a sex scene — have our hopes up. If Omander doesn’t make it through to season three, we are boycotting and that’s that on that luv.

And of course they aren’t the only reason to watch the show. Our darling Polo, who seemingly began his exploration as a bi icon (ok fine, that term is being used very loosely here), in an effort to save his relationship, will be back. He too, played by Alvaro Rico, was looking quite snacky at the Callao cinema premiere in Madrid last night. Spoiler alert: he explores that bisexuality route a little more in season 2. And damn right, it’s time we get a little bit more bi representation on screen.

Season three won’t debut until 2020 — we are expecting yet another fall launch. Obviously Netflx is hoping that the new episodes will continue to stamp the show as one of the biggest dramas to come out of Spain — a month after the show debuted it had been watched by over 20 million households.

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