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Netflix’s Elite Is Returning, and Bringing TV’s Favorite Gay Couple

Netflix’s Elite Is Returning, and Bringing TV’s Favorite Gay Couple

omar ander elite

Omar and Ander forever.

Elite is one of television's best shows. Period. It just is you guys. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules I just report on them. And, according to a new promo video for the show, the Netflix series is headed back for season two.

For the uninformed: Elite is essentially a teen soap opera, filmed and set in Spain, centered around an elite private school. It's giving you Gossip Girl teas in terms of how the elitism jumps out but a few low-income students who receive scholarships to attend the school after their own school burns down are thrown into the mix.

But the show really sings in its storylines. There's an HIV positive girl who's family is forced to reckon with her status, and even a triad (two guys, one girl) that goes awry. And while we won't spoil the twist of season one (if you haven't watched the show, you seriously need to get to it) the gem of it all is the relationship between Ander and Omar -- this is not up for debate!

Like every good romance, the pair which are played by actors Aron Piper and Omar Ayuso are star-crossed lovers who fall in love. Like almost every good gay story, it all starts with some messaging on a Grindr-esque app, where they meet up after some anonymous chatting. When I ask for true representation, this is what I mean.

We get sex scenes, two coming out experiences where the aceptance levels are not the same because of cultural differences, and .. well frankly, two adorable characters coming to terms with their own feelings for each other. It's the sort of thing that will both wreck you and encourage you all at the same time. And now, it's all headed back to Netflix for a second season.

Though the show was renewed for a second season in October, very shortly after the first one was released worldwide, there was no timeline for when the episodes would be due out. At the time they announced that existing characters would return as well as a few new ones so hopefully there's another threesome down the line. Now, Netflix has announced via two actors on the show (Miguel Bernardeau and Danna Paola) that the show would be back in September. So yeah, you have three months to either catch up or refresh yourself. Start today!

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