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TV's Highest Paid Actor, Jim Parsons, Is Gay, and So Are Many of His Contemporaries

Jim Parsons

Variety has released a survey of TV's top talent and their respective earnings per episode, and the gays are really raking in the big bucks. That's thanks in large part to Jim Parsons, who tops the list with a whopping $1 million per episode on the The Big Bang Theory.

Parsons isn't the only gay winning major money. Jesse Tyler Ferguson walks away with a sensible $250,000 an episode on Modern Family. On the reality/talk shows, Ellen DeGeneres comes in third with $20 million a year, and Miley Cyrus with $13-15 million on The Voice. Not to be outdone, the AC boys have also set up cushy salaries for themselves: Anderson Cooper takes home between $9-11 million a year from CNN, and Andy Cohen gets $4-5 million a year to take tequila shots on Watch What Happens Live.

Take a look and crunch the numbers below.

Comedy Chart
Reality Chart


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