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Apple Finally Has Trans Flag and Trans Symbol Emojis

trans flag and trans symbol emojis

The latest Apple iOS update is here and emoji have never been more inclusive! Apple’s iOS 14.2 update doesn’t only include bug fixes, new wallpapers and other features, it also updates the emoji list to include a trans pride flag, a trans or intersex symbol, and more options for brides and grooms.

The Transgender Pride Flag was invented in 1999 by American trans woman Monica Helms. It’s become one of the most widely used trans symbols in the world.

Now whenever you’re having conversations with friends, you can pepper in some trans flags, just to remind them what’s up. Or maybe your Twitter bio has been missing that something extra that only a trans flag emoji can bring? Or maybe you have an annoying relative who “doesn’t believe in that transgender thing,” who needs some emojis sent their way every morning. Whatever your needs, this new emoji has got you. Unicode added the emoji to its list earlier this year and Apple was expected to slide it in to theirs this fall.

If the flag isn’t your thing, there’s also the new transgender symbol, which combines the Venus and Mars symbols into one. The symbol was designed by Holly Boswell, Wendy Parker, and Nancy R. Nangeroni in the 90’s, and is used by both transgender people and intersex people.

The rainbow Pride Flag was added back in 2016, and in 2019 they added nonbinary options to the human emoji.

Here’s hoping that the next update includes other trans symbols, like a pickle emoji, a catgirl emoji, and a cracked egg emoji.

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