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UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Says Having a Gay Son Means He 'Failed As a Man'

UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Says Having a Gay Son Means He 'Failed As a Man'


New year, same old-fashioned homophobia...

While many people were spending the holiday, New Year season with loved ones extending goodwill to all, others were noticeably a little less joyous, and instead of spreading cheer, decided to go online and spread some good, old-fashioned homophobia instead.

Late last month, 30-year-old mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight division competitor Sean Strickland garnered all sorts of negative attention on social media when he answered a theoretical question from a fan about whether or not he would prefer to have a gay son or a "THOT" (a slang term that is an alternative for "slut" or "whore") daughter. Predictably, an extremely homophobic and misogynistic question got a response you have to read for yourself to believe...

"Sean, would you rather have a gay son or a THOT daughter?" the Twitter user asked Strickland randomly.

"If I had a gay son I would think I failed as a man to create such weakness," Strickland replied. "If I had a whore for a daughter I'd think she just wanted to be like her dad lol!!"

As if equating gayness to weakness and saying raising a young gay child is a "failure" of manhood weren't bad enough, the awful, outdated, and nonsensical takes didn't end there!

He then went on to say how he actually supports gay men and how the gays "have it made" because they are happy and get to have sex with their "buddies" all day while straight men have to "do some serious work to get laid."

"Listen, gay men are great, I support them and their choices. Freedom!" the UFC pro wrote. "Gay guys have it made. Most gay guys I know are always happy. They all just get to hang with buddies all day and have sex. Us straight men, we're fucked... we gotta do some serious work to get laid. Not fair."

Instead of apologizing after his tweets rightfully upset some folks online, Strickland doubled down on the homophobia saying his tweets were just a "joke," while also managing to mock pronouns and accuse those offended by his statements as being "beta males." (Are we living in a zoo or something?)

"I have been getting some hate for that gay son joke," Strickland wrote in a follow-up. "You beta males need to calm the fuck down. This isn't your college. You're not going to get laid here by a 'zir' or 'it' by being a little bitch. It's ok, this is a safe place. Untuck your balls, you're allowed to be a 'he' here."

Luckily, there were folks online who we able to see past the BS and were voices of reason amongst Strickland's bizarre statements:

This is why we can't have nice things.

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