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Diego Barros Is the Only Male Adult Star with 1 Mill Twitter Followers

Diego Barros

He previously was reported as the first to make $1 million in eight months. 

On Monday morning, the London-based adult performer Diego Barros became the only male adult performer to have over 1 million followers on Twitter. He is the second to achieve the feat, following Rhyheim Shabazz in July 2021. Shabazz's account was suspended in November.

Barros is known primarily for his work on OnlyFans. He had started on the platform in the early years but abandoned it. In his years off of the site, which has come into public parlance mostly for its use by adult performers, others began to impersonate him on it as he began hosting live shows, dancing, and stripping for massive crowds in Latin and Central America. In February 2021, he rejoined OnlyFans spurred by the ongoing pandemic as many of his jobs were cancelled.

In November, it was reported that Barros had become the first male on OnlyFans to earn $1 million in eight months. According to him, his account had always boasted over 6,000 followers during that time. The account only features solo content.

"Everything you see me do online, I do it because I want to," the Brazilian performer said in an interview when asked about only filming alone. "If you look at my results, apparently I don't need to go any further. Though I'm not saying I never will. The stuff I post today, if you had asked me four years ago I would have said: no way I'm ever going to do that."

One million followers is a major milestone on Twitter -- particularly given shadowbanning of explicit accounts. About 10 female adult accounts have more one million followers including Riley Redi and Nicolette Shea who have more than two million.

For context, only four drag performers have more than one million followers on Twitter: Pabllo Vittar, RuPaul, Gloria Groove, and Trixe Mattel. Mattel crossed the one million mark last week.

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