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Video Seems to Show Two Gay Lions Having Sex, Goes Viral

male lions mating

It's a short video but a lot is going on.

A video is going viral on social media that seems to show two male lions having sex.

Though the video is relatively short, there's certainly a lot going on. It begins with a lion mounting what seems to be another male lion. Their manes intertwine and they even nuzzle a little for a second. The cat on the bottom yawns, nothing to see here.

Towards the middle of the clip, a lioness with no mane comes up, and attempts to also nuzzle the lion on the bottom. She tries once, is seemingly brushed off, and tries again. This is when the footage takes a turn, with the lion on top dismounting and chasing the lioness off. He even seems to snip at the other, keeping the two apart. It was a lot.

The video went viral with tons of people adding their own spin on the caption. Since being uploaded Saturday, it's been viewed over one million times.

What exactly happened here, we'll leave to the experts. Of course in our ideal world, this was a scene out of Love and Hip Hop: Pride Rock. Two male lions were getting it on, one is bisexual and his girl walked in. Cue the drama. But the reality could be a lot more tame.

As television writer Travon Free noted, some female lions have manes. It's rare but in Botswana, reports came out that five had not only grown manes but were behaving like male lions -- you know, taking out the trash and guzzling beer. Which, we stan a subversion of gender roles here at Out. So maybe this was just a male and female lion mating. There was a report of a female growing a mane in captivity at an Oklahoma zoo. But why would the other lioness come up and interrupt? Maybe they are the ones in the relationship? Who knows.

For what it's worth, one Twitter user claims they saw a penis on both maned lions. We didn't catch that exactly but we can not confirm nor deny the veracity of such a statement.

To be clear, there have also been reports of "gay lions." Male lions have been spotted mounting one another in the wild, the most notable occurrence of which happened in Kenya. Experts have said sometimes male lions mount one another as a type of bonding within the pack and don't do so in a sexual way. Which, same sis! All mounting is a type of bonding.

According toLive Science, when a male and a female lion mate, the male ejaculates almost instantly after insertion and yowls. This is distinguished from two males "bonding" in that there is no ejaculation, nor yowl. They do their humping, and sometimes even nuzzle one another after. We call that "after care," but whatever floats your boat.

Whatever is happening here, if they like it, we love it.

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