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Farrah Moan Calls Clash With Gia Gunn “Unfortunate”

Farrah Moan Calls Clash With Gia Gunn “Unfortunate”


And says she and Valentina will “keep working on our friendship.”

Note: Spoilers ahead.

Two down, seven to go.

"The goopery, the gaggery, it twas real." Such were the words of Monique Heart at the top of last week's episode in a moment that foreshadowed not her own fate, but the fate of the sister-competitor she saved just one week earlier: Farrah Moan. It was season 9 queen vs. season 10 queens in both the bottom two and top two, and though the newly repaired relationship of Valentina and Farrah Moan seemed to suggest Farrah would last another week, Valentina went another direction, choosing to keep Monique in the game.

But there was another competition that played out this episode, one in which Farrah fared better: when she squared off with Gia Gunn in the workroom. Gia, who seemed to have it out for Farrah from the get-go, playing the role of this season's villain, tried to get in Farrah's head leading up the competition.

"I just wanted to make sure that I did my part in reaching out to her and trying to squash the drama so that I can have closure," Gia said in her confessional, before approaching Farrah and doing anything but.

"Do your makeup and get ready because according to your team, you're the weakest link," Gia said to Farrah before laying in to her about previous, non-public drama from six months ago. The back and forth went on a bit longer before Farrah delivered the shade rattle of the season (so far): "Some of us don't have to force storylines for airtime" -- ok yes, it was an updated version of Aquaria telling The Vixen "I guess you do need your moment to pop off because you're not going to have too many more," in episode 2 of season 10. Despite maintaining her composure, her lackluster performance resulted in her elimination. But was she redeemed?

Here, we talk to her about the elimination, her rumble with Gia and what's next for her career.

We have to begin by discussing the Gia of it all. What was going through your mind when you realized Gia was coming for you?

It was hard because the whole reason I was getting ready early was because I wanted to really kill it. I was there to compete. I was there to show something. And so I was very, very driven to do this number and perform. We were in front of Ciara, who is one of the biggest icons in music. The stuff with Gia got me kind of wigged out and I reacted and defended myself but the other girls sticking up for me helped me realize that I was not in the wrong and I just needed to keep my head forward and keep going. That's what you have to do.

Easier said than done, I imagine. It was clear from last week's episode that Gia was not feeling the fantasy of Farrah Moan. Clear, I should say, to the audience via Gia's confessions. Did you have any sense prior to the work room altercation of Gia's problem with you?

So my on camera interaction with Gia was very pleasant and I was enjoying her company a lot and I actually did not realize she was out for me until that altercation in the work room, so it really took me by surprise. Our previous drama we had already resolved so I thought we were going in and were going to let our talents and our looks speak for themselves. It's unfortunate that Gia feels that she feels as though she has to create a dramatic TV storyline to get airtime because I look at Gia as such a talented queen with so much to show the world and such a good message for queer people and trans people alike and specifically trans people who do drag. It sucks that I had to be the sacrificial lamb in her storyline but if that's what she had to do, that's what she had to do.


Any hard feelings towards Gia?

If my Drag Race experience had to be tainted with that negativity for her to feel better, then as unfortunate as it is, I wish the best for her. But my feelings are definitely hurt. There were things that she was saying about me in confessionals that I had no idea that she felt that way. But in her mind TV is TV and airtime is airtime.

And what about Valentina? The two of you have had many and up and downs, much of which we've witnessed. Any resentment toward her?

I mean the thing about All Stars is we're all sisters there. You are going to inevitably be nominated by your sister. And it's unfortunate that it had to be Valentina because we were... well, we still are ... we always will be working on our relationship. I think the emotions were heightened already in that episode and I'd be lying if I said that my feelings weren't hurt. But I've had a long time since we filmed to cope with everything. Valentina had to make a decision and she chose it and it's a TV show and I'm lucky to have the platform to begin with. And we'll keep working on our friendship. No tea. At least she wasn't trying to bring me down the whole time that I was there.

Who are you rooting for this season now that you're gone? And Farrah, don't tell me "everyone"?

Well, you know, Naomi Small is my sister. I love her. The most gorgeous drag queen ever. I love Miss Trinity the Tuck I think she is a force to be reckoned with. Latrice Royale has a heart of gold. She's an an honest, pure person with nothing but good intentions. And Manila Luzon. Those girls just are icons and legends in my eyes and I can't wait to see what they do on the show.

So not everyone, but half the remaining cast?


You seemed to get a lot of hate directed your way this season, arguably more than any of the other queens. I'm wondering what you are doing to protect your mental health?

Well, I got my therapist on speed dial while I'm on tour. After since even the cast was announced I've dealt with that. To be honest, I don't know if you've noticed Evan, I haven't really been on social media...

Yes Farrah, I've noticed!

I just need a break from that right now. I don't want to see it. I'm on tour right now so I'm waking up and focusing on my shows and my performances. And my fans know that I will come back. But I think they realize that Farrah needs to step away from all of that because it is so toxic. You know, I grew up being bullied and I've overcome so much in my life, abuse, sexual assault, all sorts of things. And I think I've learned that you can put so much in the back of your head and sometimes you just need to really ignore it... and that's what I'm doing. I'm a strong ass bitch. When I want to get back on and read those comments I will have to face the music, but... you know what... you don't have to read them.

Correct. As Ru says, "Unless they gonna pay your bills, pay them bitches no mind." So what is next for Farrah Moan?

Expect me to be turning those looks, expect for maybe some music to be coming out, and maybe something shiny for my cheeks. You never know!


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