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Trinity the Tuck: There's No Reason to Send Any Queen Hate

The 'All Stars' 4 winner also did not like sending people home.

Monet X Change: 'Drag Race' Is the Most Culturally Diverse Show Ever

The 'All Stars' 4 winner also talks what her plans are for that $100,000.

Monique Heart Knows the Racism on Drag Race Is Just A Microcosm

"The gay community is an oppressed community but it is a subculture of white culture."

Naomi Smalls Is the Biggest Gia Gunn Fan

And hopes that Drag Race will address racism from fans on the show.

Manila Luzon Has an Album (with a Barbra Streisand Tribute) Coming

“If the fans are going to be tipping us money for performing someone else’s music, they might as well listen to our own music.”

Christina Aguilera Addresses R. Kelly, Working with Gaga Again

Could Vegas bring us another live “Do What U Want” performance?

How Lena Waithe’s Stylist Achieves Her “Soft Stud” Aesthetic

Tiffany Hasbourne works with the Emmy-winner to use fashion as a means of speaking out on the red carpet.

This is Valentina’s Telenovela, and We’re All Just Living In It

The All Stars 4 queen says all of those memes were her just being authentic

BenDeLaCreme Talks ‘All Stars’ 4 — and Why She Left

The former Drag Race contestant wants young fans to do their homework.

An NBA Star Turns the Murder of His Trans Sister From Pain to Power

Reggie Bullock stars in a new VICE doc highlighting his journey to trans allyship.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Be a Judge on 'Drag Race'

The perfect gig for our future president.

Two Thirds of Gay Fathers Have Been Discriminated Against, Study Says

Not surprisingly, the study found that religious institutions were the most highly cited source of stigma

Mike Pence Defends the Right to Discriminate Against LGBTQ+ Children

After pushback to his wife going to work at a school that bans queer and trans students and faculty, Mike Pence is “offended.”

Queers in Chechnya Are Under Attack Again. Here’s What We Know

“This purge is a direct result of international bodies failing to hold Russia accountable.”

Stacy Layne Matthews Doesn’t Care About Your Drag Race Rankings

The All Stars season 4 scene stealer is booking gigs all over the place — and waiting for the call for season 5.

Out College Football Player Jake Bain Wants More Openly Gay Athletes

He’s already made history. Now he’s turning his attention to the next generation.

Timothée Chalamet Rocked a Glitter Harness at the Golden Globes

The red carpet look is technically not a harness, but it will stay a harness, in our hearts.

Latrice Royale Will Always Be Here for Her Young Black Fans

She’s aware of what she means to those followers in particular.