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Now, Jasmine Masters Really Has Something To Say

Now, Jasmine Masters Really Has Something To Say

Jasmine Masters

The All Stars queen talks comedy and her adoring fans.

Note: Spoilers ahead.

One down, eight to go.

And we're back! Eight months after Trixie Mattel upset fan favorite Shangela to snatch the crown on RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars 3 comes yet another showdown between ten queens past. It's admittedly a stronger overall cast than the last season, with just about every queen being a viable contender to take the top prize. Let's review our dolls (in order of workroom entrance): Monique Heart (season 10), Trinity The Tuck, nee Taylor (season 9), Naomi Smalls (season 8), Monet X Change (season 10), Gia Gunn (season 6), Farrah Moan (season 9), Jasmine Masters (season 7), Valentina (season 9), Manila Luzon (season 3, All Stars season 1), Latrice Royale (season 4, All Stars season 1).

Each week, OUT will be chatting with the episode's eliminated queen to get a behind-the-seams look at her journey, the highs and lows, and who she's now rooting for to take it all.

This season kicked off with a variety show competition. Despite serving an always-on-point Christina Aguilera-in-Burlesque-inspired act, Farrah fell (literally) short, revealing the affable queen as a bundle of nerves.

"You have everything to take to win this whole thing," judge Ross Mathews told her in the critique section. "But not if you can't summon the confidence." The episode's guest judge, Jenifer Lewis drove the point home:

"Leave that nervous shit at home," she said. "It's boring." The criticisms would land the queen in the bottom. But, as we all know, there's space for two.

A comedy set by the willfully unprepared Jasmine Masters didn't fare much better, failing to deliver the laughs. "Where are the jokes?" Trinity asked in her confessional.

"I know exactly what happened to you tonight," Mathews said. "I'm a funny person too, right? And I think I'm funniest when I'm off the cuff. But doing stand-up is a different thing; It's gotta be flawless because one little stumble and you lose us."

So, to quote Tyra Banks: "Who should go home?" The girl with all the looks, but the wrong kinda nerves? Or the girl with all the presence, but lacks the preparation? Ultimately it was our fave, meme goddess Jasmine "Jush" Masters who was sent packing. Here, we talk to her about the elimination, why her fans are so passionate and what's next for her career.

Delighted to be chatting with you Jush, but I have to admit, I really was hoping we wouldn't be speaking so soon. Walking into that workroom, who did you see as your biggest competition?

Myself. Because I'm always in competition with myself.

For the maxi challenge, it seemed like Monique and Latrice were trying to encourage you to prepare your set a bit more. Why didn't you heed their advice?

I'm not a person that writes things down. So I got where they was coming from but I know if I try to do certain things that I know I'm not good at doing then that would have blown it altogether because my mind would have been stuck on "oh you wrote this, you gotta say this, you gotta say that." I don't go off a script, I just say what I say. And that's how my videos got viral and that's how people just gotta get their jush.

You felt your set went well despite feedback from judges to the contrary. Were you surprised they weren't as into as you were?

No. Even if you watch my videos before the show and read the comments, some people like what I say and some people don't. You got to be open to accept both so that you can learn from what they say. So that wasn't a bother or a problem for me what the judges were saying.

You mention that were in competition only with yourself, so was there anything you were hoping to prove to yourself or your fans?

No, I didn't have anything to prove to me or my ... I don't call people fans, I call them friends. I was there because I got called to do something that I wanted to do. I was there for my own purposes and to reach a broader audience for myself. This was all about me having fun and just enjoying the moment.

Not to psychoanalyze, but why do you think Jasmine Masters "friend" (read: stans), myself included, are so obsessed with you and everything that you do?

You know it's been amazing because it seems like my friend-base grows more and more and I love every bit of it. I tell everybody, if you see me on the street, you can definitely walk up to me and say "Hey Jush." I'll take a picture with you, I'll make a video, I'll do all of it because that's my business, that's what I do. It's something that I always dreamed of doing. These friends around the world; I love that I can pop up in your city or your state and just say "Hey, I'm here, I'm coming over," and I would have somewhere to lay my head, even if I'm laying my head somewhere in the corner.

For me to be living in my dream, I love it when people walk up to me and talk to me because that's what I'm here for. I can't walk up to you and say "Hey, I'm Jasmine Masters," you'd be like "who the hell are you?" but if you know it's me, come say hi to me cause I want it. I've been wanting this. We're friends. We're talking. I'm on Instagram all the time, posting the things that have happened to me, things that went down in my life. I feel like we are friends. I'm telling you some information.

Who are you rooting for this season now that you're gone?

Everyone. And I say that because everyone there I feel is deserving to be there and I have learned about all of the girls in some type of way. It's a great opportunity for everyone to be on the show. I hope whoever wins doesn't have a shitty attitude and keeps a humble mind and tries to help the community out as much as possible on their platform. I don't care who wins, just win and do something good with it.

Is there anyone in this cast that you'd say you became surprisingly close with?

I'm going to say Farrah. I really love Farrah. And me and Farrah only met once before the show and it was like a very brief situation and then being on the show with her and then doing press for the show and getting to have time to and really get to know each other and go over our life experiences together outside of Jasmine -- I would definitely say Farrah.

What's next for Jasmine Masters?

I'm working on a one woman show, Jasmine Masters: I Have Something to Say. I want to do a tour around the world. I want to be a stand-up comedian, whatever you want to call it, talk some shit on the mic and have people laughing. I'm working on that really hard, getting my dialogue together. I'm going to have a start, middle and finish. I want to make something that everyone will enjoy and I won't shortchange anyone. So I have a lot of good things coming up.

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