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Britney Spears Invents, Nails the 'Strut, Twirl, Tilt'

Britney Spears

Let's break down the pop star's favorite choreography.

For those who've been closely following Britney Spears' Instagram, which doubles as an ongoing curated art experience, you'll know that our beloved pop star has been sharing a number of important videos while playing what she calls, "dress up." Though her looks are always changing, there's one constant throughout Spears' homegrown runway presentations: the "Strut, Twirl, Tilt." This tightly choreographed routine is one that she's not only invented, but perfectly nailed--performed exclusively in domestic, expensive-looking environments.

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If you're interested in replicating, or at least attempting to, here's how it works: Spears begins with a rushed, hasty walk, not unlike the one you'd engage while racing to the last open seat on the subway. After a few powerful struts--one, two, three--break into a delicate, effortless twirl--hands above head--that allows your hair extensions to run free. After you've landed the Vegas ballerina move, tilt your head sharply, while aggressively strutting and smiling for a flirtacious finish.

Watch Spears do the "Strut, Twirl, Tilt," here:

And again, here:

And once more, here, but take note of Spears grabbing her extensions mid-twirl--a nice variation on the classic:

And here's Spears' most recent installment of her prolific series:

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