Dream Flight Attendant Perfectly Recreates Britney Spears' 'Toxic' Video 

Flight Attendant

We're too high, we can't come down after watching this Britney Spears fan's flawless recreation of the pop star's in-flight "Toxic" video. If you've ever wondered what flight attendants do before guests board the plane, this might give you an idea. It does, after all, come equipped with a readymate runway.

In the viral clip, Malaysia-based AirAsia employee Assraf Nasir works through Spears' iconic choreography, and makes better use of a beverage cart than any flight attendant we've seen thus far in life. The way Nasir confidently shimmies his shoulders and lip synchs for his life is bound to make Spears feel a little bit threatened—a dance duet, perhaps? 

Watch the video shared by Nasir's co-worker, below.

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