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The Drag Race GIF-cap Xtravaganza: The Finale's Top 10 Moments

The Drag Race GIF-cap Xtravaganza: The Finale's Top 10 Moments

bob the winner

Counting down the best that the season eight finale had to offer. 

GIFs | Les Fabian Brathwaite

10. The RuVeal

ab fab patsy stone trans

Ru and her grand dames made a grand entrance, standing in silhouette with trumpets blaring like they had just conquered Rome. And in her first of many, many shady moments, Ru called in Bianca Del Rio's stand-in--


Even though she managed to make it this time.

9. Nancy Grace in Season One Lighting

nancy grace

Though Acid Betty's Nancy Grace was a disgrace to Snatch Game, the genuine article--lit from within, without, and on all sides--thought she did great. But who's really going to trust Nancy Grace's opinion?

8. Katya Rolls In

katya rolls in

Last season's Miss Congeniality got the kind of warm welcome she's come to expect from Mama Ru.

7. Naomi's Fish Fi-Slay

naomi fish fry

During her performance of "Legs," gammy-winner Naomi Smalls was serving you rainbow roll, which as you know, is several. Different. Types. Of fish.

6. Kim Chi, Hindu Goddess of Twerk

aretha franklin george michael

My fears of Kim Chi's performance style, or lack thereof, were more or less alleviated on "Fat, Femme and Asian," though just when I thought she was going to stand around all day while her backup dancers did the heavy lifting--also known as The Rihanna--Kim actually busted out some dance moves.

kim chi twerk

And the audience went wild. Mostly because she didn't fall over, but we were all proud of her nonetheless.

5. The Ru & Bob Comedy Hour

an american in paris gif

Ru and Bob really should take their shtick on the road as it would be a shame to waste all this good banter.

4. Kim Chi Shade

kim chi shade

Kim Chi seemed so innocent and sweet from day one, but she also warned you, "Donut come for me." And that's because she's a shady bitch who will cut you soon as look at you. And to that I say, god bless. When asked who among the Pit Crew she would sleep with, Kim gagged Ru yet again with shade so dark it damn near blinded an audience member. Poor thing--he'll never be able to read again.

3. Carol Fucking Channing

carol fucking channing

The finale was full of great guest stars (and I'm telling you: Jennifer Holliday) but none trumped 95-year-old national treasure and thoroughly modern rassssssshhhhpberry Carol Channing. The perennial Broadway baby surprised Bob with a special message offering praise for her "colorful" impersonation. She's 95 and everything, so I'm going to leave that alone.


aretha franklin

If Violet Chachki knows how to do anything, it's murder a look. So the FBI, the CIA, and Mariska Hargitay were all called in once she stepped out in this gag of a gown, leaving a young up and coming queen in the audience clutching her nonexistent pearls.

1. Bob's Lip-Sync

alexis carrington dynasty

Giving you banjee girl realness and performing the hell out of the best original song of the night, "I Don't Like to Show Off," Bob started off the show right and tight, making it clear that she ought to be the winner as soon as she lived out my personal dream of straddling Lucian Piane during a flawless lip-sync. Purse first, last, and forever.

And with that, kids, it's been a great season. Sure, it started out a little underwhelming, but it finished strong. If you're already feeling nostalgic, or if you just missed an episode or two, check out the previous GIF-cap Xtravaganzas here.


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