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The Drag Race GIF-cap Xtravaganza: 'We're Off to Read the Wizard'

The Drag Race GIF-cap Xtravaganza: 'We're Off to Read the Wizard'

naomi smalls scarecrow

Or, "Little Women on the Verge of a Nervous Makeover"

GIFs | Les Fabian Brathwaite

After last week's herstorically bad Snatch Game, Ru and co. left us, wondering, "Why not call off the competition now and throw the crown in Bob the Drag Queen's fuchsia-lipped face?"

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But just when I was ready to untuck and call season eight a day, Drag Race pulled the old TV crossover by inviting the gals from Little Women: LA for some Oz-related opulence.

Let's Talk About Reading

britney fences

Something tells me Bob's been reading at a college level before she even knew what a book was, so she unsurprisingly won the mini-challenge as soon as RuPaul opened the library. However, Kim Chi's reference skills had Mama Ru gagging, as she reached into the archives to take a Paige out of season two.

nicole paige brooks

That read was certified: RU-PROVED.

the shade

C'mon, Wig!

alexis carrington dynasty

Perhaps my fave Ru wig so far this season. A soft, yet bouncy wave--surf's up.

Queers Not in Kansas Anymore

an american in paris gif

The Wizard of Oz runway challenge was fun, but sadly, most of the queens got lost on the Yellow Brick Road. Kim Chi and her mini-me Miso Chi would've won for Kim's "Isabella Blow goes to a funeral" take on the Wicked Witch of the West.

naomi runway

But Naomi Smalls stopped relying on that body-ody-ody and showed the judges her fashion chops with her Vivienne Westwood-inspired Scarecrow couture. Meanwhile, Jazzy Jems is giving Naomi a run for her runway walk. I look forward to seeing one, if not both of them, in the next Marc Jacobs show.

Marcdown by Marc Jacobs


Speaking of Marc, the legendary designer was right at home on the RPDR dais--shading, contouring, and living his best life with sis Michelle Visage.


And his "St. Patrick's Day Markdown Situation" read on Thorgy Thor's wig game was...

thorgy runway


They Love It When You Call Them Big Poppies

aretha franklin george michael

I don't know how high I was last night (odds are, pretty high) but the Poppies Dream Sequence number Ru threw in at the last minute was the trippiest thing I've ever seen on Drag Race. And this is a reality show where drag queens compete for money, makeup, and wigs.

It was glorious.

Life-Saving Lip Sync Moment

derrick flip

Derrick Berry is my least favorite queen this season because, well, pick a reason, but gurl can perform. And keep her wig on, even while upside down. Which is more than I can say for this episode's eliminated queen, Robbie Turnt-her.

c'moff wig

We're eight seasons in--taking your wig or shoes off should be an automatic disqualification at this point.

Parting Thoughts

britney box

It's my Brit in a box! It's my Brit in a box, gurl.

"Wizards of Drag" Rating: B

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