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The Drag Race GIF-Cap Xtravaganza: 'Songs in the Key of Ru'

The Drag Race GIF-Cap Xtravaganza: 'Songs in the Key of Ru'


Or, "A Virgin Who Can't Droive"

After a decent premiere, Ru didn't waste anytime in pulling out the stunts, ending this week's episode on a cliffhanger. Let's untuck and unfold the drama.

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Best Moment: Bitch Perfect

flying shoe

These musical numbers can easily go either way--challenges tend to fall flat whenever there are too many balls in the air, like last season's "Shakesqueer"--but "Bitch Perfect" got it right. And ratchet.

naomis in the room

Naomi's denim panty threatened to steal the whole damn show were it not for Chi Chi DeVayne doing number 17--

ab fab patsy stone trans

The spread eagle.

Worst Moment: Lip Sync for Your Lifeless, Part 2

ruaction shot

What's happening with the Lip Sync for Your Lives this season? I was hoping last week was a fluke, but if you hear a disco beat and you're not automatically twirling like Lynda Carter tiara-deep in an eight ball, why are you in drag?

Dax and Laila had to turn it out to perhaps the greatest gay anthem of all time, Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive." Expectations were high.

lip sync survive

They did their best, I suppose, but this is season eight and that best just wasn't good enough. Especially when you're just taking off your heels and traipsing about in your underthings like it's the first day of summer.

michelle shade

Michelle, clearly not having any of this, was just biding her time until she could rip Dax and Laila's still-beating hearts out of their boy chests and consume them in her tireless quest for immortality.

michelle shade

Meanwhile, just a subtle eyebrow raise had more drama than that entire performance--which is why Ru sent them both packing.

you will not survive

It was only the second double elimination in Drag Race herstory, following season five's lackluster battle between Honey Mahogany and Vivian Pinay. Ru seemingly invited another queen (back?) into the fold but we'll have to wait for next week to find out who.


Well-played, Ru. *Golf Clap*

Deathdrop Becomes Her


Chi Chi DeVayne, putting in overtime.

The Unbreakable Kim Chi Schmidt

kim chi falls

Kim's makeup and fashion game is next level compared to most of her competition, but as Bob the Drag Queen astutely pointed out, she's the worst dancer the show's ever seen. I mean, Miss Girl fell while doing a simple toe touch.

After turning the newly minted Shade Tree into a weeping willow, it looked like Kim Chi was about to get sent home.

shade tree weeping willow

But with a little help from her teammates, she was able to pull through. And if Acid Betty has anything to say about it, Kim Chi might get a little help with that other problem she's dealing with.

kim chi virgin

Turns out Betty hit on Kim Chi once and she didn't even realize it.

an american in paris gif


Best Runway Looks

alexis carrington dynasty

For the red carpet looks, Bob, Thorgy, Naomi and Kim Chi landed on the A-list. Thorgy deserves a special "You Go Kween" for that stunning handmade sequined jumpsuit that I want in my life immediately. Acid Betty's sheer number was pretty sickening, but there was some unfortunate bunching in the back which I can simply not abide.

Departing Thoughts

lucian piane

Oh hey, Lucian Piane.

"Bitch Perfect" Grade: A

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