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Reading Drag Race: ShakesQueer

Reading Drag Race: ShakesQueer


'Beard Upon Avon or, What Shade Through Yonder Window Tucks.' Either way: Wurst. Idea. Ever.


The Workroom: Shade, Thy Name Is Jasmine


Jasmine woke up on the wrong side of the Masters bedroom because she is coming for Trixie, Pearl, Miss Fame and especially Violet Chacki.

The Mini-Challenge: On RuPaul's Pond

Ru Jazzy 1

It's all about Ru this week. I mean, it always is, but Mama Ru was feeling her oats this episode, from the moment she rolled into the workroom on a Jazzy.

Ru Jazzy 2

Friend of Dorothy (Zbornack)

Ginger Golden

The ladies got in touch with their inner Golden Girl with Ginger Minj putting some senile stank on it.

Fame death

Miss Fame really adding the "death" to deathdrop.

Trixie trou

These Trixies aren't for kids -- or anyone under 65.

Katya golden

Katya -- living proof that you can teach an old whore new tricks.

Kennedy golden

But unsurprisingly, grand dame Max Charlestoned her way to the top of the heap as one team leader.

Kennedy golden

While Kennedy dropped down and got her geriatric eagle on as the other.

Jasmine Bread

Though Ru did give a special shout-out to Jasmine's yeast infection.

Ru Bread

The Max Factor

Max Desmond

Max was having a Norma Desmond moment this week, reminding us all that it's the pictures that got small.

A Pearl By Any Other Name Is Still As Dumb


Yet another acting challenge, yet another disappointment -- namely Pearl, who had nver heard of MacBeth. I'm sorry, but that cunt won't hunt. This isn't a New York Times leastseller we're talking about here. Someone get this girl an actual library card then get her the hell out of my face.

Very Special Moment

Jaydin tears

Jaydin just couldn't get her life with Romy and Juliet, but team leader Max was there to bring her back from the brink.

Max factor

The RuVeal:


Wait, is that a pant?

LVB: Least Valuable Bitch


Violet, Violet, Violet. Picked last -- once again -- you'd think she'd be a shoe-in as the "bitch" in MacBitch. At least Kennedy had her full support. But when time came to deliver, Violet and Kennedy's entire unrehearsed team were loosely tucked. Because they were just dropping balls everywhere.

Best Read

Mel Bitch

Guest judge Mel "Scary Spice" B. summed up Violet's performance perfectly, while also giving her a prime example to aspire to. Meanwhile, even self-proclaimed biggest Drag Race fan of all time Kat Denning was bored to sleep by the lack of MacBitchery.


For a second I thought Ru was going to applaud,


Ginger MVP

Max's team fared much better, with Ginger Minj particularly standing out. Though for her leadership and general flawlessness, Max secured her first victory. First of many, I'm sure.

The Runway -- Category is: Bearded & Beautiful

max runway

Max is serving historical references for your nerves.

Kandy runway
Kandy Ho, I Fu Manchoose you!

Violet runway

Noted bitch Violet Chachki tried to redeem herself as the most fishy bearded lady since (at least) Kathy Bates in AHS: Freak Show.

jasmine runway

While Jasmine hoped this stunner would save her from elimination. It didn't.

Life-Giving Lip-Synch Moment: All the Twirl's a Stage

Kennedy twirl

Kennedy brought out the disco diva twirl early on in the game, though I thought Jasmine might have saved herself with this squat-and-pop -- in a gown and heels no less.

Jasmine lip synch

Ru thought differently.

Parting Words

parting words

I see that lemonade, among other things, is still rather bitter.

Parting GIFs

Car Crash

Officer Ru wants to see Team Kennedy's driver's licenses.


Kat Denning for permanent guest host.


Kat and Michelle giving Mel B. the side-eye.


More of Michelle's invaluable words of wisdom.

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