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Miz Cracker Plans To Channel Her Drag Race Fame To Bring Pride To Intolerant Corners of the World

Miz Cracker Plans To Channel Her Drag Race Fame To Bring Pride To Intolerant Corners of the World

Miz Cracker, RuPaul's Drag Race, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10
Photo Courtesy of VH1

She won the hearts of queer America, now the world lies before her.   

Season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race just got a little less salty. During last night's Evil Twin challenge the remaining top five queens were tasked with looking within and embodying their inner saboteur. After having to craft two dynamic runway looks and basically reading themselves on their own insecurities, Kameron Michaels found herself in the bottom two for the third time, this time pitted against New York City's Miz Cracker.

Proving to be one of the most lethal lip sync assassins in Drag Race herstory, Kameron sent Cracker home. But the Jewish Barbie on bath salts isn't deterred. She's taking the lessons she learned from the reality competition and honing her craft for the betterment of herself and others.

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OUT: You definitely seemed to be on a bit of an emotional journey this season - how would you rate your overall experience on Drag Race?

Miz Cracker: Well based on the fact that I was, for the most part, high and on the top for the season, I have to rate it as a good experience.

Your drag mother is a previous Drag Race winner - what kind of advice did Bob (the Drag Queen) give you headed into this season?

I'll never forget Bob's wisdom before I left New York City. She said, 'Well, I walked in and told myself I was going to win every day and I did. So do that.'

I was like, thank you... for... that... insight...

She was like, 'yeah, I guess there was a couple things I could have done differently but, then again, I won, so I guess I wouldn't.' I was like, (deadpans) wow, I feel like I'm right there in the Werk Room with you.

So helpful.

Oh god yeah, having a winner as a mother really gave me the edge.

What did it feel like going from the top one week to the bottom and going home the next?

They say if you go from a heated room to air conditioning too quickly you'll get sick - it is not good to go from hot to cold or cold to hot that quickly. It almost killed me.

When I got a gold medal competing internationally in karate when I was a kid, my dad told me: "Well now you have to get another to prove that the first one wasn't a mistake." So at the time, I felt like, does this loss invalidate my win? But I've learned better since then.

Who are some of the other queens from season 10 who you've kept in touch with since the taping finished? Were you surprised by any of the friendships you made?

Blair St. Clair and The Vixen were my two friends on the season. When they walked into the Werk Room I saw them and at first sight I was like, I hate you.

But then within 24 hours I found out that those two people have more in common with me than anyone else.

They both mentioned how close the three of you were during the Drag Con challenge and how tough it was to hear that the judges read your jokes as mean.

Yeah, when the judges told us that we were clearly not friends and that we hated each other, we were like, are you sure? Because we love each other. We ran to each other to be in this challenge together.

But what we did walk away with from that is we did what we planned to do and we did it together, and you cannot take that away from us.

What do you think you could have changed about your performance in the Evil Twin challenge that might have kept you safe for another week?

There is nothing that I could have done in the Evil Twin challenge to save myself. A stitch here, a thread there, different hair, whatever. I think that I was sent home because the judges did not see from me the star quality or the growth or whatever it is that they were missing. For them it was my time. She had a little red laser dot in the middle of her forehead and she was going to go.

For my own sake I wish that I had made the dress that I had set out to make, which was an exact replica of the Marie Antoinette in black. That would have been just for me but I don't think that would've made a difference.

Have you and Asia talked about what she said on the main stage before your elimination since the show finished taping?

No, but we 'bout to 'cause it's about to be Reunion time, girl.

Would you change anything about your approach to the show if you got the call to come back for All Stars?

If I were to every go back on television again I would take the lesson that I've learned from Drag Race, which is: Do not listen to other people's assessments of you. If you feel that you're a great drag queen, stick with that. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise because it's only going to be bad if you do.

I don't think anyone, besides Asia, would question your star quality, especially after your performance on the show.

No matter where I placed in the season, for some reason, America is here for Cracker. And those are the people paying my bills, so I pay attention to them. Just like RuPaul said, (sings) 'Unless they payin' your bills pay them bitches no mind.'

What's next for Miz Cracker?

I came into this season saying that I was going to use drag to make the world a better place and god dammit I'm gonna do it! Starting with Pride Uganda, which is an underground Pride festival in Uganda where being gay is illegal. I'm going to teach drag skills to underground drag queens god dammit, because I showed you drag can change lives in the makeover challenge and I'm going to take that magic to a place where it's very much needed.

When is that happening?

That will be happening in late summer or early fall of this year if we can muster it. As you know, smuggling heels and wigs and makeup into another country is difficult.

How did that situation come about?

A war photographer, Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi, reached out to me about this when I was writing an article for Slate, where I have a regular column. She was like, 'You have to look at this community.' And since I spoke with them [gay Ugandans] I have been stuck. I love them and I just am always trying to keep up with what they're doing and I want to get out there and meet them in person.

It's been in the works for a while but I've been broke and Ugandan Pride has been broke, but now there's finally some menney henny - thank you America!

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