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The Vixen Fought Her Way To Becoming One Of the Most Memorable Queens In Drag Race History

The Vixen Fought Her Way To Becoming One Of the Most Memorable Queens In Drag Race History

The Vixen, RuPaul's Drag Race, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10
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“It’s undeniable that I have made an impact.”

No one ever had to guess what The Vixen was thinking. When the Chicago queen made her entrance on the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, she let everyone know she was "here to fight." And fight she did. The oft combative queen quickly became known for her temper and refusal to back down from an altercation.

During last night's episode, The Vixen's Cher impersonation landed her in the bottom two alongside Asia O'Hara. Though she got sent home, the firecracker of the season left her mark on Drag Race, and feels there's no bad blood left between her and her fellow contestants.

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OUT: How do you feel about your overall experience on Drag Race?

The Vixen: I feel very proud. It was definitely very memorable and I think it will leave a lasting impression.

You've collaborated with season nine queen Shea Coulee in the past - are you two close?

Yes, me and Shea started in the same area at the same time and we've kind of grown together and have been very supportive of each other at all times. It was very good to see her on the show and then it was great to have her experiences to learn from going in.

Did she give you any advice as you headed into season ten?

The worst advice in the world - she told me to be myself! She owes me a drink for that one.

When you made your first appearance you said that you were there to fight, and fans definitely got to see the combative side of you this season. Is there any aspect of your personality you wish they had gotten to see more of?

I am a very defensive person, but if I'll fight with you, I'll fight for you. They got to see a little bit of how much I cared for Blair and when Kalorie was in the bottom they got to see a little bit. I am much more about sisterhood than I am about competing.

How have the fans reacted to you since this season started airing?

The reviews are mixed, but I think it's undeniable that I have made an impact. I said I was there to fight, and if you think I look bad, you should see the other guy.

How is your relationship with your fellow season ten queens? For you these arguments are months old, but for fans they're still fresh. Have you resolved those disagreements?

I would say that it's all resolved. Aquaria and I were able to understand each other and appreciate each other. Eureka and I know that we don't mesh completely so we keep a professional distance. I think all of us are really leaning on each other because this is a very unique experience that no one can relate to except your other sisters. So I think I'm in a really good place with all the queens right now.

You were in the bottom three times - which queen was it most difficult to stand up on that stage and lip sync against?

Honestly it was Blair. She had just revealed something so personal about herself and I knew that I was either going home or sending a friend home that had just been very vulnerable. And you saw on the show, I couldn't stop myself from sobbing.

Blair even mentioned how close the two of you had gotten when I spoke with her after her own elimination.

Blair and I made our 99 cent costumes together the very first episode and we bonded from there on out. We are definitely sisters.

What would you change if you got the call to come back for All Stars?

Oh yes. If I were to go on All Stars I could focus on my talent and I wouldn't have to address socioeconomic issues as often. I am proud of what I've done, but I'd love to show more of my drag and focus on that.

What's next for The Vixen?

I will be putting out music soon, and I will be putting out videos. I'm all about putting my money where my mouth is. I said that I was a political queen, I said that I would give you protest art and that's what I'm going to do.

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