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99-Year-Old Grandma's Dying Wish Was to Have a Giant D*ck on Her Grave

Grandma's grave statue

A Mexican grandma wished for a big d*ck erection on top of her grave – and she got it, damn it!

As reported by Vice, 99-year-old Catarina Orduña Pérez’s, better known to her community as Doña Cata, last wish was for a huge monument of a penis to sit on top of her tomb. The completed statue, resembling a “five-and-a-half foot tall penis and balls weighing nearly 600 pounds,” was placed on top of her grave this past weekend.

Álvaro Mota Limón, Doña Cata’s grandson, told the publication:

“She was always very avant-garde, very forward thinking about things. She always said, in the Mexican sense, that we were vergas.”

For context, the Spanish word “vergas” can be somewhat translated to “c*cks” in English, but it has many other colloquial meanings depending on different contexts and expressions.

Isidro Lavoignet, the engineer who created the statue, told Vice:

“At first I thought it was a joke, because it’s not very common to see these kinds of sculptures or monuments, and even less so in the memory of someone who’s deceased.”

After Doña Cata’s family insisted on the matter, Lavoignet started working on the monument with a team of 12 people that included sculptors, carpenters, carvers, and sanders. Overall, the project took about a month to be completed.

While there are conservative locals who are displeased by the display of a giant penis on top of a grave, Doña Cata’s family is ready to fight back against these taboos to honor their loved one.

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