Ryan O'Connell, Alexandra Grey, Jake Borelli
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World News

A journey across two continents and four countries to some of Latin America’s most dangerous places reveals a humanitarian crisis that can no longer be ignored.

April 05 2021 8:05 AM

The country has become increasingly hostile to the LGBTQ+ community in recent months.

March 30 2021 12:17 PM

Archaic British colonial laws still punish “the abominable act of buggery” with up to 10 years hard labor.

February 18 2021 12:57 PM

The law signed last year is the first revision of colonial-era penal code since gaining independence in 1975.

February 10 2021 1:17 PM

Legislators raised the requirement to overturn the anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

January 28 2021 3:25 PM

The disclaimer warns the book contains "behavior inconsistent with traditional gender roles."

January 20 2021 10:34 AM

They were pushing back on a homophobic display and now face years in prison.

January 15 2021 1:08 PM