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World News

Ts Madison Defends Beyoncé After Controversial Dubai Performance

Is Beyonce being held to a double standard?

Brittney Griner's Russian Prison Saga: Everything You Need to Know

The out WNBA star and basketball icon had a long, harrowing ordeal with the Russian court system.

BREAKING: WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released From Russian Prison

(CNN) After months of being in custody, the out basketball player has finally been let go. 

Protester Carrying LGBTQ+ Flag Interrupts Game at the 2022 World Cup

The protester also advocated for women’s rights and to end the war in Ukraine.

Brittney Griner Shares Message to Supporters From Russian Prison

Tuesday was the imprisoned WNBA star's birthday.

Bisexual OnlyFans Creator Titus Low Sentenced to 3 Weeks in Jail

The creator's content landed him in some legal hot water.

Singapore Unbanned Gay Sex — But Not Gay Movies

“We will continue to take reference from prevailing norms. LGBT media content will continue to warrant higher age ratings.”

99-Year-Old Grandma's Dying Wish Was to Have a Giant D*ck on Her Grave

This grandma wanted a BDE: big d*ck eulogy.

Amazon Restricts LGBTQ+ Search Results in Conservative Country

The e-commerce company felt government pressure to do so.

Brazilian Congressman Lashes Out Against Laverne Cox's Barbie Doll

The politician is claiming the Orange Is the New Black alum's new doll is "imposing the ideology of gender over the minds of children."

Anti-LGBTQ+ Russian Propagandist Launches 'I'm Not Gay' Reality Show

Plot twist: the show is very, very gay.

A Gang Used Grindr to Lure Gay Men For Robbery, Assault

Police say the accused counted on victims' fear of being outed to keep them quiet.

Why Is Grindr Disappearing From the App Store in China?

The popular gay dating app will no longer be available to users in China.

Soccer Team Fined After Fans Hurl Homophobic Abuse At Josh Cavallo

The out Adelaide United player stood strong in the face of hate.

Gay Character in Netflix's 1st Arabic Film Sparks Controversy in Egypt

However, the streamer is firmly standing by Perfect Strangers.

Gay Man Says Bouncers Attacked Him At An LGBTQ+ Nightclub

The clubgoer called the attack "unprovoked." 

Man Admits to Cold Case Murder of Gay Student After Over 30 Years

The case was one of the dozens of gay men who were killed during that time period.

Lewis Hamilton Proudly Wore a Rainbow Helmet at a Race in Saudi Arabia

His Progress Pride helmet was a direct message to the country and their anti-LGBTQ+ laws.

Two Gay Men Viciously Attacked With Hammer, Fists For Holding Hands

The attack in England left both men fearful of displaying their affections in public.