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Mr. Gay World Is Letting Anyone Who Identifies As Male Compete

Mr. Gay World Is Letting Anyone Who Identifies As Male Compete


The annual gay male pageant is making big strides for trans inclusivity. 

The Mr. Gay World pageant is making big strides when it comes to transgender inclusivity!

In a recent release on their official website, the Mr. Gay World organization just announced that they are adjusting the current policies they have in place to allow anyone who identifies as a man to compete in their international competitions, which has license holders in countries all over the world.

"In an all-inclusive move, Mr. Gay World has amended its policy to encompass the male-identifying spectrum within the LGBTQ+ community, the release reads. This policy will be passed globally to all licence holders and strict measures will be put in place to ensure compliance. Mr. Gay World is a pageant and awareness-promoting competition for the upliftment and empowerment of gay men as a minority group. The competition is open to anyone who identifies as male, using him and his pronouns and who collectively identifies as male."

The release continues:

"The title winner would be crowned as Mr. Gay World and it is for this reason that all entrants should identify in this way. Mr. Gay World is passionate about the empowerment and upliftment of all members of the LGBTQ+ community and regularly contributes to fundraising events and awareness activities for causes within this vast and diverse community, but its primary focus is that of the gay and male-identifying demographic of society as a community that has been globally recognized as a vulnerable minority with specific needs and requirements to promote self-confidence, solidarity, and a sense of community."

As Gay Times points out, Mr. Gay World's inclusive move to allow more competitors comes on the heels of the transphobic controversy that was created when Chiyo Gomes became the first trans man to compete in the Mr. Gay England 2020 pageant.

After being delayed in 2020 because of the ongoing global pandemic, this year's Mr. Gay World pageant is taking place virtually on the organization's official YouTube channel and will feature contestants from the 2020 competition as well as the 2021 competition, with two winners ultimately being crowned this year.

2019's current Mr. Gay World, Spain's Fran Alvarado (who took over the title from Janjep Carlos when the 2020 event was postponed) was just announced as the competition's first judge.

Mr. Gay World 2020 will take place online from October 9-October 16, and Mr. Gay World 2021 will start on October 23 and run through October 30.

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