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Video Shows Lyft Passenger in Racist, Homophobic Rant Over Mask

Video shows a disgusting Lyft passenger in racist and homophobic rant when asked to wear a mask.

The foul-mouthed passenger's slur filled diatribe is going viral.

A disgruntled Lyft passenger hurled a string of racist and homophobic slurs when asked to leave the driver's car, and the entire ride and rant are captured on video.

The driver, named Edgar, picks up a passenger named Richard. Things get off to a rocky start when Edgar asks Richard to wear a mask. Edgar explains that he makes the request because of recent government guidelines, but also because the matter is personal. Edgar reveals he has a family member sick with the illness.

Richard is unmoved.

"I've never heard of someone asking me to where a mask," he mutters.

"It's because we're really close in the car," Edgar explains.

Things take a turn further south when Edgar uses the freeway rather than Richard's preferred route home via surface streets.

"I don't like you," Richard says after a few moments.

"You don't like me?" Edgar asks firmly but politely. "You want to get out?"

Richard declines the offer, instead demanding Edgar "take my ass home so I can give you a shitty review."

At this point, the gloves are officially off. Edgar stops the car and tells Richard his ride is over.

"You know what?" Edgar says. "You can get out right now."

"I'm not getting out," Richard complains. "I've got a contract with you and I've got a ride with you."

"The contract ends right now," Edgar shoots back.

Possibly dismayed at the prospect of walking home "four miles that way," Richard calls Edgar a "candy ass faggot with white glasses" and muses that he could crush his "fucking skull right now."

When informed that the encounter was being captured on video, Richard decides it's time to break out the racism.

"Get out of your car? How about a 'please' boy," Richard asks incredulously, taking his time to draw out and emphasize the last word. "You ever take an English class?

"Do you take models class?" replies Edgar.

Richard only leaves the vehicle after threats of police involvement, but not before calling Edgar a "wetback" for good measure.

TMZ reached out to Lyft for comment on the video.

"The behavior shown by the rider in this video is despicable and has no place on the Lyft platform," the company replied in a statement. "Lyft is committed to maintaining an inclusive and welcoming community, and discrimination is not tolerated."

There is no word if the passenger prefers to be called Richard, Richie, or Rich, although Dick might be the most fitting.

You can check out the entire video of Richard's racist, homophobic rant and ride below.

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