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UPDATE: Conservative Calls Buttigieg ‘Pete Buttplug’ in Anti-Gay Rant


Dave Daubenmire, an anti-LGBTQ+ personality, wants to “make homosexuality unthinkable again.”

UPDATE (12/6/2019):

Conservative YouTuber returned to his favorite moniker for Pete Buttigieg in yet another diatribe about the South Bend, Indiana mayor's sexual orientation.

This time he called the presidential candidate "Pete Buttplug" while claiming that Donald Trump's numerous infidelities -- which include over 20 claims of sexual assault that span decades are "a perfectly normal human response."

"Donald Trump sleeping with a thousand women -- I don't know -- is a perfectly normal human response, but immoral," he claimed in a Thursday video. "But Mayor Pete Buttplug -- I said that again on purpose -- what he is doing is not only immoral, it's unnatural, it's a crime against nature."

You can watch the entire clip here.

ORIGINAL (10/24/19):

Ohio Republicans hired a homophobic YouTuber to host a fundraiser, raising thousands of dollars with the help of a man who called Pete Buttigieg "Pete Buttplug" and lewdly speculated about the gay candidate's sex life.

Dave Daubenmire hosts a daily YouTube livestream called "Pass the Salt Live," where he espouses extreme right-wing views and wild conspiracy theories, like suggesting that Satan uses singer Billie Eilish to indoctrinate unvaccinated children. In September, he claimed said Eilish's music is proof "the devil is out of the bottle."

"He is out of the bottle and our children are watching it," he said, as Right Wing Watch first reported. "[...] The devil is stealing our children."

Similarly, Daubenmire has also claimed that gay sex is "a diabolical, demonic activity that is eating our young children" and that Jews "are no longer God's chosen people" and are "Christ-haters."

The local Republican Party was not deterred by his outlandish remarks, however, with Harrison County Republican Party Committee Member Chuck Harrah calling him a "great example of a man on a mission to be the voice for me and millions of others" and "the voice of reason."

After helping to sell 200 tickets and raise $5,000 for the party, Daubenmire returned to his livestream the next day to attack Buttigieg's sexual orientation, calling him "Pete Buttplug."

"He doesn't even take the leadership role in his home, because he has a husband [with] he being the wife," he said, calling himself "Coach Dave" in the chyron. "[...] If he is the wife, does that mean that he is the insert-er or the insert-ee? Which role would Mayor Pete play?"

Daubernmire went on to claim that America has to make homosexuality "unthinkable again," adding that LGBTQ+ people need "to go back in the closet."

"What he does in his own home is, in fact, his own business until he wants to be president of the United States," he said. "When he wants to be president of the United States, I want to do some scrutiny on what type of moral character this guy has. And I'm just telling you this: If this guy's moral character involves doing what I believe he does have to do in order to have an orgasm, I got a problem with it."

The host's fervent desire to raise to topic of anal sex goes back several years. While discussing Pride events, he once said, "These dudes at the gay pride parade, prancing up and down the streets, do you know that those men doing that put their penises in the rectum of other men?"

Daubenmire, who lives in the Columbus suburb of Hebron, also pledged to picket local LGBTQ+ events. "Shame breaks you down," he said. "Shame drives you to your knees."

Earlier this week, Sevier County Commissioner Warren Hurst called Buttigieg a "queer" during a meeting in the Tennessee district. "We've got a queer running for president," he reportedly said to applause, "if that ain't about as ugly as you can get."

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