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Homophobic Father Hires Hitman to Break Fingers of Gay Surgeon Son


The plan ultimately went south when the hitman came clean. 

A man in Italy was sentenced to two years in prison after he hired a hitman to break the fingers of his successful gay son.

According to the Italian outlet la Repubblica, the unnamed 75-year-old's rage began in 2017 when he saw pictures of his son, a well-known surgeon in Turin, with a male actor in the press.

Earlier this year, the father hired two men to beat his son's partner. The assault left the young man in the hospital. The son had to change the locks on his doors repeatedly, and the two men never left the house without friends accompanying them. The father even filed a frivolous lawsuit against the son, saying he had removed his teeth without permission.

Things took a more horrifying turn in May when the father tried to ruin his son's career by breaking his fingers, only to have the Romanian hitman turn on the father.

"My son is a thug. Break his fingers," the father reportedly told the hitman who was paid EUR2,500 (roughly $3,000) to do the deed.

After following the son and his partner for two weeks, the hitman realized the father was lying. Although he had slashed the son's tires, he came clean and told the son about his father's plans.

The father was ultimately sentenced to two years in prison.

As it stands, there are no hate crime laws for LGBTQ+ people in Italy, although a recent bill is making its way through the legislature. The mayor of Turin wrote a letter to the court decrying the crime, saying the father was not representative of the values of the city and called out the need for hate crime legislation.

"We need a law as soon as possible that helps a profound cultural change," Mayor Chiara Appendino wrote to the court. "We need this cultural change to pass from the institutions, from the school, from the families. citizen. This hatred must be defeated as soon as possible. Without any exception."

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