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Police Find 44 Stolen Diamonds Hidden Inside Man's Butt


Shine bright, girl.


A New Mexico man faces charges after police pulled him over on Sunday for driving a motorcycle without a license plate, but then, upon further inspection discovered his ... hidden treasure.

Eusebio Padilla, after being pulled over, was discovered to have a knife in possession, WTHR reports. That knife, evidently, led to Padilla's full pat-down, and that full pat-down led to officers discovering what appeared to be a baggy of more than three dozen diamonds (44, to be exact) stowed away inside Padilla's anal cavity. Padilla attempted to surreptitiously remove the baggy from his anus at the traffic stop, but apparently did not do so quick enough. Talk about carbon under pressure.

Padilla said he received the diamonds from his uncle, which, presumably, begs the question police, or anyone really, might ask: Then why were they hiding inside rectum?

After further interrogation, police say Padilla eventually admitted his diamonds in the rough were likely stolen, and police later reported he was planning on trading them for drugs.

That is essentially all the existing information there is on this story, and to be honest, we have questions. What size were the diamonds? Are we talking tiny ring stones, or a more impressive carat size? Why did Padilla decide, right there at the traffic stop, to try and remove the diamonds from his anus?

Padilla now faces charges for, ahem, receiving stolen property and "tampering with evidence." Though it is unclear whether or not Padilla has an attorney, what's clear is that diamonds truly are a girl's best felony.

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