Fran Tirado

We talked to producers Joel Kim Booster and Cole Escola on the unapologetically gay Comedy Central show starring Molly Shannon.

March 21 2019 10:25 PM

Here are all the references (and a queer moment!) from the artist’s much-anticipated When I Get Home.

March 04 2019 5:46 PM

She also takes to task possible 2020 candidate Joe Biden in the wake of Pence-sympathetic comments.

March 04 2019 2:27 PM

In the final season of their HBO special, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams are bringing queer people to the front.

February 22 2019 11:26 AM

Bohemian Rhapsody is beloved by straight people, but is it doing anything for the queer community?

January 15 2019 9:05 AM