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Dallas Straight Pride Was the Biggest Flop of All

Dallas Straight Pride

Only two people showed up. Can we just not do this any more?

Dallas Straight Pride was a flop, in case you weren't wondering.

According toDallas Voice, only two white men showed up to the event, carrying the Straight Pride flag, and both were reportedly from Boston. Teresa Stephens Richenberger, who organized the event, was absent as well. About 20 counterprotesters showed up at City Hall Plaza, carrying LGBTQ+ Pride flags.

The event was announced last month by Super Happy Fun America, an anti-LGBTQ+ group which claims on its website that straight people are oppressed and need to fight back to get their rights. The group, which has been found to have ties with an alt-right violent white-supremacist hate group, hosted the Boston Straight Pride Parade earlier this year... which was also a flop.

According toDallas Voice, this weekend's event was scaled back because the group couldn't afford (or didn't want to) pay for the necessary permits. It was originally called Protect Our Next Generation, and Rischenberg described it as a group of "strong conservative Christians who are standing up for our Biblical values." The organizers said "thousands" would attend and that events would include discussions on sex trafficking, legalized prostitution, abortion, the transgender community, and drag queen story hours at public libraries.

Richenberger claimed the event would be "postponed to a later date" because "at the last minute the city of Dallas price gouged us and asked for enormous amounts of money" to issue the necessary permits and to pay for off-duty Dallas police officers to provide security. To be clear: these guidelines are required of all events and were similarly applied to oganizers behind Transgender Pride of Dallas who wnted to do a Pride Is a Protest event in June. That said, some pledged to still do "some kind of public event," on Saturday.

For the big day, only two people showed up for Straight Pride, one of whom reportedly yelled insults at transgender counterprotesters saying, "We know there are only two genders." He also claimed that he was"part of the oppressed majority," having been fired from his job because he was straight. Reportedly police had to separate the duo from counterprotesters, who drastically outnumbered the attendees, to end their arguing.

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