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Church Removes LGBTQ+ Artwork Over Fears It May Be Transphobic

The Church of Sweden clarified that it continues to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Donald Trump Is Selling LGBTQ+ Pride T-Shirts Yet Again

Trump loves gay money, just not gay people.

University Tells LGBTQ+ Staff to Hide Their Identities While in Dubai

LGBTQ+ students and faculty were urged not to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity at the school’s Dubai campus.

Videos Surface of Brutal Attack of Palestinian Gay Men, Trans Woman

The trio were assaulted, robbed, and their vehicle was destroyed.

Woman Smashes Ex-Girlfriend's Car For Sleeping with Her Mom

The two women ended their four-year relationship in September. Then mama came a-knocking.

St. Louis County Fights Lawsuit, Says Anti-Gay Discrimination Is OK

A police officer sued the county after being denied a promotion for being gay.

This Activist Is Crowdfunding a Christmas Event for Black LGBTQ+ Youth

Tanya Compas wants to give queer people who are estranged from their families a space to celebrate the holiday. 

Fifth Graders Get Teacher Fired for Homophobic Speech

The substitute educator condemned one child being grateful for his two dads.

Looks Like Ellen Skipped Dakota Johnson's Birthday to Hang with Bush

Things get real awkward when the talk show host accused the actress of not inviting her to a birthday party.

Artist Drenches Andy Warhol Museum in Blood of LGBTQ+ Men

The exhibition is a part of the site's World AIDS Day programming.

'Star Wars' Billy Dee Williams Uses Both Male and Female Pronouns

In a recent interview the 82-year-old actor opened up about his gender and reflected on his career.

Watch This Hot, Naked Model's PSA About Why You Need to Vote

I'm totally into politics right now.

Gay Man Thought to Have Died in 'Accident' Was Victim of Serial Killer

If it weren't for video footage, the murder of Peter Fasoli would have remained without justice. 

Indonesian Government Bans LGBTQ+ Job Seekers

"We just want the normal ones," a spokesperson said.

Donald Trump Jr. Slammed on Twitter Over HIV Comment

Just as I thought ... trash.

Oscar Isaac Says 'Star Wars' Poe and Finn Relationship Would be Great

And while we aren't getting it for 'The Rise of Skywalker,' the film will show a 'deep, deep connection.'

India's Trans Bill Is Being Heavily Critiqued by the Trans Community

Human Rights Watch as well as local activists have pointed out the many issues with the legislation.

Casey Spooner Says Madonna Didn't Pay or Credit Him for 'God Control'

He posted audio of his demo on Instagram and ... they sound remarkably similar. 

Jason Derulo Says He Has an 'Anaconda' in His Underwear

Mmmm, whatcha say?