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Straight Pride Is Coming Back, This Time to Texas

Straight Pride Is Coming Back, This Time to Texas

counter protester holding anti-nazi sign

This time the alt-right parade will take place in Dallas.

The hate-filled and ignorance-fueled bigots behind the Boston Straight Pride Parade earlier this year are back on their bullshit, taking the show to Dallas on November 16.

The "pride parade" -- also known as a hate rally in this context -- is being organized by Super Happy Fun America, an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group who says on their website that straight people are oppressed (lol) and they need to fight back to get their rights. In this case they mean the right to harass, discriminate against, and systematically erase LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and poor people.

While on its surface the parade is just anti-LGBTQ+, it's also full of racism, xenophobia and other alt-right values. Sites such as the Independent and Buzzfeed have linked Super Happy Fun America to alt-right groups like Resist Marxism, a violent white-supremacist hate group.

Previous Straight Pride Parades organized by the group featured a "Trump unity bridge," a parade float that includes messages such as "Secure America's Borders" and "1 Flag 1 Nation 1 God." At the Boston parade, a marcher ranted to the press about how "Jews faked the holocaust, rule the world, and created the LGBT movement to destroy America." This is clearly not just about being proud to be straight.

An announcement for the event released by Super Happy Fun America is full of alt-right dog whistles claiming"our constitutional republic" is "continually under attack." The parade also wants to bring "attention to the sexualization and corruption of America's children," and is supporting an event called "Protect our Next Generation."

In case they're not clear enough, this means they're anti-immigrant and think LGBTQ+ people are perverts and predators. "Protect our Next Generation" is an obvious reference to the Fourteen Words, a white supremicist and nazi rallying cry that reads, "We must secure the existence of the White Aryan people and a future for white children."

The straight pride parade these assholes put on in Boston was a huge failure, and parade marchers were outnumbered 10-1. Things were even worse in California with only about 20 supporters showing up and the organizer's own son criticizing the event, but Super Happy Fun America isn't giving up. The "Protect Our Next Generation" event is taking place at Dallas city hall from 10 AM to 4 PM on November 16, get your counter-protest signs ready.

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