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Does Sexual Attraction to Specific Body Parts Make You Transphobic? (Watch)


In today’s social climate, political correctness is a highly debated emotional minefield. Important issues like sexual racism have been at the forefront of current LGBTQ conversation, and now a Lesbian YouTuber, Arielle Scarcella, is tackling sexual preference as it pertains to trans individuals. 

Scarcella recently took to her vlog to express her position. As a lesbian, she says that she can find attraction in trans women, both emotionally and physically. But as someone who is sexually attracted to the female anatomy, she wouldn’t have sex with someone who has a penis, and she doesn’t think anyone should feel coerced into doing so if they’re uncomfortable with it. "If someone does not want to fuck you, it does not invalidate your identity," she says. 

Layne Morgan, a feminist and LGBTQ writer, was among many who responded online to Scarcella's video. "It's harmful to trans folks to associate lesbian with 'vagina only,'" she said in a tweet.

OUT reached out to Scarcella for a response to clarify her video's message: "She likes to take away and add words to make it seem like actual transphobia," she said, speaking to Morgan's post. "Example: saying that I won't sleep with a trans woman is transphobia, but what I actually said was I won't sleep with one pre-op."

Scarcella's YouTube channel, as she pointed out, has included videos where she features lesbians with penises. In the past, she's talked with trans lesbians here and here

What’s your opinion on the issue? Watch Scarcella's video, below:

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