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Heroic Gay Coffee Shop Owner Kicks Out Anti-LGBTQ Group, Says He'd 'F*ck Christ'


A Seattle coffee shop owner made it clear that when it comes to antigay bigotry, there’s no room for safe space alongside his cappuccinos. Ben Borgman, the gay owner of the coffee shop Bedlam, has gone viral thanks to a fuck word-filled tirade against a disgusting “Christian” group called Abolish Human Abortion. Members of the group had been inside of his business distributing a disturbing flyer (see here if you must) depicting blood-covered rainbow hands letting go of an aborted fetus, which has no place in any public setting, let alone a coffee shop.

As one would expect from the sensitive snowflakes of Abolish Human Abortion, they couldn’t wrap their head around the idea of being denied service based on their religious beliefs. In a video, he goes all the way off on them in a spectacular clapback at their hateful propaganda.

“I have a right to be offended, so I have a right to say get out... Can you tolerate my presence? If I go get my boyfriend right now and fuck him in the ass right here, you’re going to tolerate that? Leave, all of you. Tell all of your fucking friends not to fucking come here.”

As the group makes their way to the door, one brave soul tries to tell Borgman that “Christ can save you from that lifestyle,” which prompts what may be the best response of all time. “Yeah, I like ass, I’m not going to be saved by anything,” he retorts. “I’d fuck Christ in the ass, OK? He’s hot.” Amen. 

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