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There Was a Gays for Trump Party at the RNC & It Was Terrifying

Gays For Trump
@gaywonk on Twitter

Maybe this is what Donald Trump meant by, "Ask the gays..."

The second night of the RNC's Gays for Trump party was Islamophobic, xenophobic, and very, very white. But did we expect anything else?

The event was called, "Wake Up!" and called itself "the most fab party at the RNC." Photographs of scantily clad models wearing "Make America Great Again" hats lined the walls of a ballroom, which later turned into a "dance party," if you can even call it that.

One featured speaker was Milo Yiannopoulos, a British gay columnist for Breitbart who is better known for being a troll on the internet. In fact, earlier in the day he was officially banned from Twitter for repeated harassment and abuse, following tweets attacking Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones.

Rolling Stonereported he entered the party stage with platinum hair and a bulletproof vest, which he tore open to reveal a tank top with a rainbow gun and the words "We shoot back." He announced that he was banned from Twitter, for "getting in a fight with a black Ghostbuster," he said. "The fucking tertiary star of a fucking terrible feminist flop."

Yiannopoulos continued, explaining that the Republican Party, especially under Donald Trump, was the best for the LGBT community. "[The media has] done nothing for gays. While you were busy hectoring and bullying and nannying us about transgender pronouns, you completely forgot that politicians in this country were welcoming in a religion that wants us dead," Yiannopoulos said, according to Rolling Stone.

Anti-Islam blogger Pam Geller also spoke at the event, thinking her speech would start off best with a "joke." "A jihadi walks into a gay bar, and the bartender says, 'What'll you have?' The jihadi says, 'Shots for everyone!'"

Geller condemned democratic efforts for LGBT equality, agreeing with Yiannopoulos that the Republican Party was best for supporting LGBT rights. "The Democrats pay lip service, OK? And give out transgender bathrooms," Geller says. "That is not gay rights in the 21st century. Gay rights in the 21st century is [about] the persecution, oppression, execution of gays living in Muslim countries under the sharia. That is gay rights."

Partygoers later lined up to meet the speakers at the event, and "danced" the night away, according to tweets from MFA journalist Carlos Maza:

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