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FLETCHER & Hayley Kiyoko End 2021 With the Gayest Video of the Year

FLETCHER & Hayley Kiyoko End 2021 With the Gayest Video of the Year

fletcher and hayley kiyoko

Get ready to pop your "Cherry!"

Get in gays, it's time to go cherry picking, because FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko have released the music video for their sapphic bop "Cherry," inviting us all to live in their sweet, sweet dream!

Co-directed with Kristen Jan Wong, the "Cherry" video features great, sexy retro vibes and fashion, filled with cherries, of course. And don't worry, it's just as gay and just as much of a banger as the song itself.

"Cherry" looks like the best '80s movie you've ever seen. FLETCHER and Hayley each take turns flirting with the titular character Cherry, played by Sarah Ritter. They dance, take pics, make cupcakes, and play around on a bed, each not realizing that Cherry is doing the same thing with the other woman.

But, in a brilliant twist, the two show up to Cherry's house at the same time as each other at the end of the video. After some confusion, Cherry comes out of the house, the three exchange some glances, and they all decide to go inside together. Now that's what I call a happy ending!

"Such an amazing time on set, really enjoyed working with them on bringing this vision to life," FLETCHER said of the experience crafting the "Cherry" video.

FLETCHER tells Out that working with Kiyoko was "SO FUN," adding that she's "been a fan of hers for a very long time, so collaborating with her on this record and taking it a step further by doing the video was a dream. I adore her."

As for the ending of the video, the singer wants fans to let their imaginations run wild and interpret it how they want. "The initial concept of the video was that Hayley and I were both dating the same 'Cherry' without knowing," she says. "We decided on the final scene on a whim when our director Kristen was wrapping the day and it's definitely open to interpretation hahaha."

The video is pure sapphic fun and flirtation. Gone are songs about unrequited crushes on straight girls. Now, it's all about serving up lesbian fantasies made real. FLETCHER and Hayley are giving us exactly what we want, and what we need .

What message does FLETCHER have for her fans who watch the video? "Kiss as many girls as you want," she says. "Just make sure your best friend isn't kissing the same girl." Well, unless you can make like Hayley and FLETCHER in this video, then maybe it's not such a bad idea.

Watch the brand new video for "Cherry" below!

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