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Watch Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef Kiss in New Residente Video

Ricky martin kissing Jwan.

All we want right now in quarantine is a partner to make out with.

Creating his new sexy song and video, "Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe," was therapeutic while in lockdown, says Puerto Rican musician Residente. "I was feeling anxious because of all the uncertainty when I was writing it, and writing for me is like therapy," he told Billboard upon the song's premiere Thursday.

The beautiful video for "Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe" -- which features an eclectic array of couples from all over the globe kissing -- is both emotionally moving and sexy as hell. We were especially thrilled to see a very trade-looking Ricky Martin making out with his handsome husband, Jwan Yosef.

Though the video features several other sexy celeb couples -- Bad Bunny and girlfriend Gabriela, Lionel Messi and his wife Antonela, and Ben Affleck and girlfriend Ana De Armas, -- it was equally lovely that the artist also included many non-celebrity couple from all walks of life.

"You know, I was supposed to release my album today but I postponed it because of what's happening. I was going to release a different single but I decided to change the song to something that goes more with the situation," said Residente. "I had a party song but I don't even feel like partying right now.... I got this idea of having a chain of kisses around the world. I thought, this is probably simple but I'd have to write a whole new song for this video. The was to have a chain of kisses around the world from all social classes."

As beautiful a result the video is visually, Residente admits that coordinating all that kissing wasn't as easy as it would seem -- nor is creating a video while in quarantine.

"Once I started writing the song and creating the video at the same time, I thought was going to be easy because it was just a kiss," he told Billboard. "But the difficult thing is to find all of these people wanting to kiss during a pandemic and a kiss maybe looks easy but it was very complicated and not everyone kisses. I spoke with friends that were willing to kiss for the video and also started talking to people directly on Instagram. I spoke with more than 100 people for this and explained to them that it has to be recorded with a camera and if they didn't have a camera it could be with a phone but it has to be horizontal. It was very complicated."

Still, he says that the current pandemic is a unique opportunity for artists to experiment and shake things up creatively.

"It's a great moment to do things you've never done," he concluded. "Like, I really don't know why people keep trying to make the same type of hits instead of using this moment to put out things that they're feeling. You don't have the need of putting out a hit because you're not going to perform. If there's a moment to put out different things, it's now. Things you've never done. Concerts will eventually start but later. This is a chance for artists to reboot and think differently."

Check out the video for "Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe" here:

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