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Jake Jacob Remixes Gaga's 'Sourcandy' Into 'Power Bottom' Track

Jake Jacobs in Sourcandy parody

And yes, he called some of your favorite porn performers for cameos.

If you needed something to bring some levity to your day, it looks like comedian Jake Jacob has you covered. Before you even continue with this post, we just want to underscore the descriptor comedian. The content here is comedy ... a parody and we are endorsing as such. Now on to some laughs.

If you're a fan of Lady Gaga and her collaboration with the group BLACKPINK, Jacob has a new little ditty for you to try out. In it, he flips their "Sourcandy" into a sex-centric track titled "Power Bottom." It's about ... well, if you're on this site we are going to assume you know what it's about

"First he has to shower and have nothing to eat," Jacobs sings. "He can ride for hours, it's his secret power trust me. Trust me." So yeah, you know what it's about.

The best part is that the accompanying music video includes a few porn performers you might be familiar with: Beaux Banks, Dakota Payne, Adrian Hart, and Judas King were all ones we spotted. Some of them even sport pieces from the Back to School collection in Banks's Beauxner brand. There's also the dance duo Bottom Behavior and drag performers like Meatball. Talk about representation.

The video was done by director Brad Hammer who is quickly becoming a go-to of sorts for queer talent, particularly alum of RuPaul's Drag Race. In addition though, he's done work for the likes of Todrick Hall and John Duff.

If we're being extremely honest, we don't really anticipate it landing on anyone's charts but It will undoubtedly find a place on one of our own personal playlists. And honestly, what more can you ask for?

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