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Kim Petras Poses for 'Playboy,' Talks Forging Her Own Path

Kim Petras for Playboy

Pop superstar Kim Petras is going country! No, the “Icy” singer isn’t pulling a reverse Taylor Swift, instead she got dressed down in lingerie and posed on a farm for Thank god she’s a country girl!

The blonde bombshell is fresh of releasing her Halloween-themed project Turn Off the Lights, and just starting to launch into her fall Clarity tour. The interview with Playboy touches on everything from these projects, to her connection with Halloween and horror music, to being pigeonholed as a “trans singer” and facing discrimination in the industry because of that.

“...I just don’t care anymore if people think I’m too transgender or not transgender enough,” Petras told the magazine. “I just make music that I love and people can like it or not and I stand up for what I believe in, and people can like it or not.”

She also opens up about throwing out all expectations for how a pop singer should act. “Yes, I love partying and I’m not scared of talking about it,” she said. “I feel like a lot of young people experiment with drugs, for example, and I’m not shy about talking about that.”

“I just make music that I love and try to make it as honest as possible without thinking about what people are going to say or think.”

If you didn’t come here for the articles and want to know about the pics, Petras sports four outfits in the series of photos, shot by Luke Gilford. She gives Brigitte Bardot vibes through the spread.

This profile highlights how Petras is forging her own identity so she can stand out from other modern day pop stars and her own trans identity. Kim Petras has been working on a career in music for nearly a decade now, but she’s just getting started, and she’s not here to play by anyone’s rules but her own.

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