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Top 10 Songs from Solange's A Seat At the Table: A Track-By-Track Breakdown

Top 10 Songs from Solange's A Seat At the Table: A Track-By-Track Breakdown

a seat at the table

Solange came out with surprise album on Friday—four years after her last EP True—and we love it. 

Solange returned to the music scene last Friday with her latest album A Seat At the Table.The raw album is definitely inspired by both recent events and Solange's experience thus far as a black woman, along with those of the people close to her. Take a look as we give you our top 10 tracks from the album so far--as it's bound to change the more we listen to it.

10. "Scales"

Starting off with a selection of notes on a piano, the song features artist and friend of Solange Kelela and touches on conflicting expectations from society and unbalanced experiences within society, with lyrics like, "The streets say you're a king/ the world says you're a failure."

9. "Where Do We Go"

Solange serves us some heavenly vocals over a sultry piano melody throughout this song, whose deliberate pace emphasizes Solange's voice and lyrics.

8. "Don't Wish Me Well"

The layers of sound that introduce the song are dramatic and almost confusing until everything suddenly falls into place as Solange sings over it all, completing the mesmerizing melody. Definitely a "lighters in the air" kind of song, the vocals only intensify and grow as the song progresses, getting cut off only in the very last few seconds of the song.

7. "Borderline (An Ode To Self Care)"

This song highlights preserving your state of mind in times of war. Some of the powerful lyrics remind us that it's important to take a break and forget the troubles of the world every once in awhile: "It's war outside these walls/ Baby, it's war outside these doors....Let's play it safe tonight."

6. "Junie"

Revealing in a tweet that it's named after funk musician Walter "Junie" Morrison, the song sounds like an absolute blast from the past with its bouncy instrumental and wordless vocals. It also features a writing credit from Andre 3000, who we recently heard on Frank Ocean's Blonde.

5. "Don't You Wait"

The song is a bit upbeat and gets its title from the chorus which is probably the most infectious part of the track. As it closes out, the song transitions smoothly into a monologue from her mother Tina Knowles with "Tina Taught Me."

4. "F.U.B.U."

It's harder to get any more black than "Don't Touch My Hair" but Solange definitely does it again when she brings back the famous brand FUBU: "All my n*ggas in the whole wide world...this shit is for us."

She then gets The-Dream and BJ the Chicago Kid to serve some accented vocals that gets us all banging our heads--until she takes out the accompaniment and we get some unfiltered runs.

3. "Cranes In The Sky"

Solange sings in an angelic voice above a simple yet catchy instrumental on this track. The song touches on her mindset as she tries to escape the pain that has been present in her life: "I tried to drink it away/ I tried to put one in the air"

We were blessed with a visual adaptation of the song last night that only amplified our love for it. The entire feel of it all just screams Solange.

2. "Mad"

The song opens with another set of piano chords and offers a feature from Lil Wayne. The song follows the interlude "Dad Was Mad" and speaks to how black people are always seen as angry: "I ran into this girl, she said, 'Why you always blaming?'/ 'Why you can't just face it?'/ 'Why you always gotta be so mad?'"

1. "Don't Touch My Hair"

A slow song with an infectious beat straight out of the '90s, "DTMH" is a song with a message loud and clear. Using hair as a metaphor for several things, Solange sings lyrics like, "Don't touch my hair when it's the feelings I wear....don't touch my soul when it's the rhythm I know."

Closing out with some strong horns, the song is definitely a hit you can jam to 'til the late hours of the night.

Check out the video for it below:

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