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Frank Ocean's Top 10 Songs on Blonde: A Track-By-Track Breakdown 

Frank Ocean's Top 10 Songs on Blonde: A Track-By-Track Breakdown

Frank Ocean Endless
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The artist's long-awaited album is here—and making a statement. 

Frank Ocean is finally back with 17 beautiful and powerful tracks for us to stream on loop. With endless credits and hidden features, we took a good look at our favorite top 10 tracks from Blonde and analyzed Ocean's most provocative lyrics.

10. "White Ferrari" (Track 14)

The 14th track on the album, "White Ferrari" is a slower song that features writing credits from Paul McCartney, John Lennon, James Blake, and Bon Iver. It focuses on a younger Ocean back home in Louisianna, 16 years old and in love. And though he's no longer with that partner today, the song is a tribute to how deeply he cares for and reflects upon the relationship.

9. "Siegfried" (Track 15)

Here Ocean explains that he has trouble connecting with his peers, and wonders if he should settle down with two kids and a swimming pool or a place with a nice view. Complete with low instrumentals and echoes of Ocean's voice, the song has an overall ominous feel that grows stronger as it progresses and finishes with female vocals. The exact meaning behind the song's title is abstract as "Siegfried" is never actually mentioned.

8. "Futura Free" (Track 17)

Broken into two sections, the final and longest track on the album is a reflection on Ocean's life. He tells his mother that he's surprised he's getting paid to do what he loves, singing: "I should be paying them momma." The second part is a series of interviews in which people on the street are asked: "What's your name? What's your first memory? Do you have any secret talents?" Ocean reinforces the importance of being yourself, a theme that's threaded throughout the album.

7. "Nights" (Track 9)

Ocean traces his move from his home state of Lousianna to Los Angeles after hurricane Katrina, and how someone can be surrounded by family and friends yet still be met with dishonesty. The track starts off with a hip-hop feel, which we don't get to hear from Ocean too often, but slowly transitions into a slower, chill vibe that we're more used to.

6. "Solo" (Track 5)

In the fifth track on Blonde, Ocean sings about a relationship that has left him changed as he is forced to start living life solo. He is spending more time sleeping and neglecting daily tasks, skipping showers and only changing his socks before leaving the house. Ocean also gives a taste of powerful vocal capabilities in the hook.

5. "Solo Reprise" (Track 10)

A track delivered by Andre 3000, "Solo Reprise" is a fast-paced interlude that plays off the theme of isolation from earlier in the album. The track quickly gained traction online as Andre calls out artists in the business, saying that: "After 20 years in, I'm so naive I was under the impression that everyone wrote their own verses" along with many other harsh criticisms toward the industry.

4. "Ivy" (Track 2)

A little more upbeat than the preceding track, "Ivy" touches on a relationship with an ex-lover, which ended with mistakes made by both men."I could hate you's quite alright to hate me now," Ocean sings. But there still remains a shred of positivity: "We both know that deep down the feeling still deep down is good."

3. "Self Control" (Track 7)

Ocean analyzes the intimacy he shares between someone who, for whatever reason, he can't be with. This individual had such an impact on Ocean that he's lost his self-control. But it seems the intimacy was unrequited: "I know you gotta leave...I know you got someone coming."

2. "Nike" (Track 1)

The introduction to Blonde is slow and mellow. With an altered voice track playing over the somber music, the lyrics mention various topics: "All you want is Nikes" alludes to the materialistic mindsets of people today who use the popular brand as a style and status symbol. Ocean sings on a more serious note: "R.I.P. Trayvon that n*gga look just like me," a direct reference to Trayvon Martin.

1. "Pink + White" (Track 3)

This standout track focuses on a past relationship with heavenly vocals added in from songstress Beyonce. The benevolent chords held in the song make for a lighter feel, while Ocean delves into how the unknown lover showed a great deal of affection for him, but unfortunately they could not last.

Head to Apple Music to listen to Blonde.

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