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15 Movies to Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, Charlie Brown, Sweet Home Alabama, The Wizard of Oz, You've Got Mail, Planes Trains & Automobiles, Meet the Parents

Because it’s always easy to focus on someone else’s drama. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - A timeless classic that's good for the whole family--drink as much wine as you can so you're ready to talk about grown-up stuff once the kids go to bed.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - If you're traveling for the holiday nothing will capture the roller coaster of emotions you'll feel like this Steven Martin and John Candy classic.

You've Got Mail - Few things are as fun to look back on as late '90s New York City, when Meg Ryan was still relevant and you were still excited to get emails.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off - Afraid of the meltdown you might have at dinner this year? At least it won't render you catatonic like Cameron--hopefully.

Hannah and Her Sisters - Sure, your family has drama. But hopefully it's not crisscross-lovers levels of drama.

Remember the Titans - This one's for dad. He gets football and you get a dramatic story about inclusion and racism, which seems very relevant.

Sweet Home Alabama - There's always a twinge of nostalgia when you go home for the holidays, lucky for Reese Witherspoon her nostalgia looks like Josh Lucas.

Meet the Parents - Whether it's your first Thanksgiving with your in-laws or your tenth, odds are good that it won't be as bad as Ben Stiller's.

Steel Magnolias - Sally, Dolly, Shirley, Olympia, Daryl, Julia. That's all.

Forrest Gump - Another family classic fit for the whole family. It's never too early to learn about how rude some prostitutes can be.

The Wizard of Oz - The metaphorical story of a girl who leaves her family, makes great new friends out in the big wide world, then finds her way home. Just like you!

The Big Chill - A testament to chosen family and the lasting bonds of friendship.

The Lion King - Because a holiday isn't a true holiday without a little Disney.

Hook - It's hard to beat Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Dame Maggie Smith in a Peter Pan retelling.

Addams Family Values - Nothing screams "festive" quite like Christina Ricci dressed as Pocahontas ready to burn a pilgrim village to the ground.

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