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4 Steps That Will Get You Through a Political Thanksgiving in Peace

Researchers have identified four steps to engaging with people who don't see eye-to-eye with you.

An Open Letter to the Queer Folks Dreading the Holidays

Dread going home because you’re the token Yuletide Gay? Here’s how you can flip the script of your stress!

Queer & Dreading Your Terrible Family's T-Giving? Watch 'Die Surely'

The short film is an ode to those who feel like outsiders at their family get-togethers.

A Queer Indigenous Poet Reflects on the Hypocrisy of Thanksgiving

“Tore down encampments and elders and children / On the same day milk-toned Oregonian militiamen r acquitted”

The 'Bear-Naked Chef' Shares His Top Tips for Stuffing

Thanksgiving stuffing, of course.

3 Recipes for Chosen Family Gatherings Curated by Queer Chefs

We asked our favorite queer chefs to give us their favorite non-traditional recipes for holiday gatherings.

15 Movies to Watch With Your Family This Thanksgiving

Because it’s always easy to focus on someone else’s drama. 

How to Survive Thanksgiving with Your Pro-Trump Family

“How about those (insert sports team)?”

WATCH: 'SNL' and Adele Make Thanksgiving Bearable

Here's a hint: The answer is Adele drag.

The Gay Power Behind the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Rain or shine, Amy Kule and Bill Schermerhorn will be there