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Don Lemon Blows Up Over Claim Trump Is 'Most Masculine' President Ever

Don Lemon on Trump fleeing public attention

"I've heard a lot of pathetic things from this White House; this one really takes the cake," he said. 

Don Lemon lit up social media Monday night with Don's Take on CNN's nightly show. As many of his takes have lately, the missive fired shots at Donald Trump and his lackeys for their roles in the violent insurrection at the Capitol last week. Monday, Lemon called Trump "the biggest snowflake of them all," and yelled at a Trump aide to "shut up."

"I am mad and you should be mad too," Lemon said to begin the take. "Does anyone actually feel safe in our democracy considering everything you've heard today?" What people had been hearing is all the reporting from the fallout of the riots. According to reports, some in law enforcement have been arrested or questioned for their suspected involvement in the events. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is also warning that there could be armed insurrections in all 50 states from January 16 until the inauguration. There have also been credible threats made on the lives of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Nancy Pelosi.

Meanwhile, "the current president is hiding in the White House," Lemon pointed out. "He's bitter over his loss, he's showing absolutely no remorse for the insurrection he incited and on the verge of becoming the only president in our history to be impeached twice -- that's who he is." On Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives introduced an article of impeachment that is expected to pass.

In the White House, Trump reportedly met with Mike Pence for the first time since the riots -- Pence was under siege in the Capitol when it happened and Trump did not speak with him at the time. At today's meeting, the two allegedly claimed that the rioters -- who "marched from a Trump rally, they were carrying Trump flags and wearing Trump hats" -- were not Trump supporters.

"Why should we have any faith in this administration when they seem more worried about optics and papering over what we all saw happen," Lemon asked. He went on, pointing out that the things that seem most bothersome to Trump are all superfluous: being banned on Twitter, the PGA Tour deciding it would not hold its 2022 championship at a Trump hotel, and New England Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick turning down the Medal of Freedom. Lemon pulled up a clip from Fox News today about the Twitter ban.

"Does he feel emasculated?" a Fox host asks.

"I wouldn't say emasculated," Trump aide Hogan Gidley responded. "I mean the most masculine person I think to ever hold the White House is the president of the United States." Lemon cut back in, clearly over the conversation.

"I've heard a lot of pathetic things from this White House; this one really takes the cake," he said. "A big tough guy who incited a riot and then hid in the White House for five days and still refuses to take responsibility. He's the president of the United States.

"He's the most masculine -- come on man ... Shut up," Lemon continued, his voice rising. "Shut up! He is the biggest snowflake of them all, the biggest one." The host then went on to mock Trump and Gidley.

"Why are you coddling his feelings all the time?" he prodded. "Who's the snowflake now?"

"The president's legacy will be not the most masculine president but the biggest loser we have ever had as president," Lemon finished. "Maybe that should have been the name of his show instead of The Apprentice: The Biggest Loser."

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