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don lemon

Don Lemon Has Already Announced His New Show After 'CNN Tonight'

On Friday, he shocked viewers saying it was the "end of an era."

Don Lemon Is Ending 'CNN Tonight,' Effective Immediately

The anchor announced the news Friday night.

Daddy Don Incoming? Don Lemon Might Be Starting a Family

The news host and his fiance, Tim Malone, want to get married first.

Don Lemon Blows Up Over Claim Trump Is 'Most Masculine' President Ever

"I've heard a lot of pathetic things from this White House; this one really takes the cake," he said. 

Don Lemon Rips Into Trump's Disgraceful Legacy, Deadly Coup Attempt

"You will go down in history as the worst of the worst and some day in the future, that will be all anyone remembers of you: that you were awful, terrible, the worst President, and that you won by an electoral fluke,"

Don Lemon Slams Trump for Promoting Corona Drug That Could Kill

Mounting evidence shows a drug Trump said would not 'hurt people' is leading to a higher percentage of deaths.

Don Lemon Sued for Alleged Assault at Bar Last Summer

CNN is standing by their anchor.

WATCH: Don Lemon Asks Donald Trump If He's Homophobic

To no one's surprise, Donald Trump tells CNN's openly gay anchor everyone loves him, and he loves himself.

Watch: CNN's Don Lemon Calls Out Homophobic Coverage of Virginia Shooter

A correpondent called news that the shooter owned gay porn sites "just another disturbing twist."

Why Don Lemon's Gaffes Landed Him on 'Worst Journalism' List

Columbia Journalism Review's recap of the year’s 'most cringeworthy news blunders' includes the out CNN anchor.

The Knockout Game: CNN's Don Lemon & the Black Belt Rabbi

That time Don Lemon got frisky with a black belt rabbi on CNN