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Lesbian Moms Adopt Three Brothers to Keep Family Together

Lesbian parents and their three sons.

Talk about one big happy family!

This year, on National Adoption Day, KC and Lena Currie became the mothers of three brothers. The couple, who got married five years ago, started off motherhood by adopting one son, Joey, in 2018, but upon learning of the child’s two brothers who were also in need of adoption, expanded their household.

The Curries adoption of Joey happened after meeting the child at an event put on by Children’s Friend. That organization provides assistance to local children in a variety of of ways, including being their advocates and stewards.

After KC and Lena adopted Joey, Children’s Friend called them to inform them that he had a younger brother named Noah, who would also need to be taken care of.

“We immediately said ‘Yes,’” KC told Good Morning America. So, they began to foster the then six-week-old child. Only a month later, the organization called again about Logan, the middle sibling of the trio who was being fostered by another family. The couple were then asked if they wanted to bring the whole family back together.

“It was our gut-feeling. We were going to end up saying yes because keeping the brothers together was really important to us,” KC said. 

In November, after signing the adoption papers, the crew officially became one family. 

“It was nice to check off a box and make it true to the world,” KC said. “We are their family.”

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